As many of you readers know, I am a fan of mid century modern. I think a lot can be learned from the past as a lens to the future. Many new furniture designs are interpretations and tweaks from past furniture designers. Paul McCobb was a mid century modern master that brought many creations to the public during his career. The Paul McCobb nightstands here detail the quality and artisanship of his work. The first descriptive term that comes to mind for me is minimalist. There is very little wasted space. But when you think about this piece, it has very basic elements that are quite common today. I saw some retail pieces a few weeks ago that featured one drawer with a space atop it for tucking away a book or other items. The difference between the two items was that these were made 40 years ago in the 1960s. A pair of Paul McCobb minimalist nightstands such as these would cost around $1,400 from a dealer.

Paul McCobb Minimalist Night Stands Mid Century Modern