Searching for the perfect office sofa? Try the Cocoon sofa from Boss Design. It is based around a single unit and is aesthetically pleasant and highly functional. It envelopes you as you sit creating the perfect setting for collaborative tasks and team meetings. It can also be used as shared workspace in open plan office environments. The couch sits 2 to 3 people and is just what you need to update your office.


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Cocoon Sofa by Boss Design

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Featuring a high back, sides, and roof, the Cocoon sofa from Boss Design provides total privacy. It shelters you from the surrounding environment without interior sub structures. It provides the same posture as regular office chairs and desks with the added comfort of sofas. Its upholstered seat and back allow you to sit for long hours without feeling uncomfortable or worn out. The design’s front, rear, seat, and back panels are upholstered in a variety of fabrics. Quality foam is used to upholster the exterior of the back and the interior to minimize as much external noise as possible. The sofa has a painted steel structure which increases rigidity and reduces weight. It comes in a fine selection of colors.


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A good sofa is an essential item in modern offices. It is as important as choosing the right candidate for a job profile. It can alter the state of mind of employees and help them to become more focused and productive. When only the best will do, get the Cocoon sofa. Isn’t your office waiting for the Cocoon?