Created by Robert and Trix Haussmann, the Stripe Sideboard from the Swiss house of Wogg, is quite an intriguing product that has inspired a lot of budding designers with it’s compelling looks and impeccable execution.

The very fashionable Stripe sideboard, exemplifies the intensive commitment and passion that drives the team at Wogg, right from conceptualization to finishing the product.

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The Striped Sideboard

The Stripe Sideboard by Wogg

contemporary chest of drawers design by Wogg

Swathed in a black and white striped pattern, the Stripe Sideboard, measuring 240x50x80cm, instantaneously catches your attention with it’s striking aesthetics.

The tubular steel feet, double up as door hinges, allowing the front shutters to open up to a 180 degrees, consequently enabling the sideboard to don the look of an open shelf or a closed unit.

Available either with internal shelves or plain drawers, the Stripe Sideboard by Wogg, offers flexibly to the buyer in terms of usage.

This elegant console employs the post formation technique, accrediting the Wogg philosophy of the use of high-quality, unconventional materials, fabricated into products using cutting edge assembly techniques.

And of course the qualities of durability, stability and sturdiness come hand in hand with the brilliant aesthetics.


wogg stripe pattern furniture


A spectacle in itself, and stamped by exceptional versatility; the Stripe Sideboard can be used in home, office as well as public buildings.

Robert and Trix Haussmann’s minimally designed masterpiece, proffers very suave, contemporary aesthetics, making it an ensemble hard to miss. Oh! And by the way, did I see a zebra somewhere?


Wogg 24 Modern Aluminum Bed

Wogg 24 features an aluminum frame made of 8 components that are easy to assemble and disassemble. This bed was designed by Atelier Oi for Wogg Furniture.

The belt that you see going round the frame and legs secures the bed while also allowing for ease in assembly.

Wogg 24 Modern Aluminum Bed

Sophisticated Nostalgia: Sideboard with Charm by Wogg

Designed by the Swiss product designer Benny Mosimann, for Wogg, the Sideboard with Charm, epitomizes Wogg’s philosophy, that inventiveness is reflected through the use of high-quality and unconventional materials, boosted with the application of cutting edge execution techniques.

Sideboard with Charm by Wogg


Available in pleasing aesthetic envelopes of, melamine white or black, acrylic white and glass white or black, Sideboard with Charm by Wogg, echoes the values at Wogg’s as Mosimann’s creation, draws up a bold curvilinear form.

The melamine chest of drawers, is 220 cm long, 51 cm high and 50 cm deep, with the depth, well suited to engender a sizable room for drawers, glass shelves or even a case for hanging files.

Packed with brilliant aesthetics and great usability, it is ideal for anywhere in your home in an array of different spaces. Not to forget the qualities of solidity, durability and brilliant aesthetics that come in with the package.


oval contemporary chest of drawers

container furniture by Benny Mosimann


The Sideboard with Charm, is a versatile ensemble, designed to enhance any space it adorns. So when you own this one, you will have complements and queries pouring in from everywhere.

Whether you are looking to add more storage or you’re wanting an eye-catching addition to your interiors, look to the Sideboard with Charm to do the job.

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