Modern Sideboards – 11 Cool Ideas and Design Photos

Beautiful Modern Sideboard Ideas For 2021

Whether you’re using them in the foyer or in the dining room, sideboards have a wide range of function. Use them as serving sections when you entertain or as accent pieces in the living room where you can hold extra reading materials or media inside.

Big or small, bold or subdued, there are a variety of styles when it comes to these pieces. Let’s look at some special and very cool ideas and design photos of contemporary sideboards and see how we can update the look of your home’s dining room.

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Stunning contemporary wood sideboard

What a stunning looking modern sideboard. Beautiful design and a wood pattern that looks like a 3d floor runs through it. Really well designed and thought out.

The wooden foundation keeps a homey feel to this buffet table while the artistic, black stripes add a contemporary essence. This modern sideboard is perfect for accenting a large and spacious living room or even inside a dining room where it can become a small bar area.

Dark Wood Modern Sideboard

Smooth and simple, this sharp, black idea may be the most versatile of the bunch. It’s a great addition to any room, including the foyer where you can accessorize and stylize it to your liking. Because of its “clean palette” look you can get really creative with it!

Beautiful Antique sideboard Designs

This is an incredible piece of artwork, don’t you think? It’s looks as if two completely different pieces of furniture were glued together, when in fact, in the great sense they were! We are loving this creative take on a contemporary vision for your home.

Ultra Long Sideboard

Are you not in love with this gorgeous sidebaord with a lengthy and smooth surface? There is just so much you can do with a piece of furniture such as this. But, you’ll definitely need to place an option such as this inside a room with a lot of open space or at least enough length to not allow it to swallow up the area.

Wavy Front Modern Sideboard

The texture and shiny nature of this buffet table give its neutral colors so much life and interest. It’s a great piece for a minimalistic and modern home that loves a clean and refreshing palette. Pair this piece with creamy whites, beiges and a touch of chocolate brown.

Reclaimed Wood Modern Sideboard

Wooden all the way, this idea can literally fit into almost any household. From rustic, log cabins to black and white, eclectic studio apartments, there’s a place for this piece in a variety of size homes and styles genres. Again, this is another simple option that can be styled and accessorized to you own personal tastes with ease.

Sleek dining room furniture

For a super futuristic choice, check this incredible design out! Charcoal in foundation but spaceship like in overall look, this model has the ability to really turn heads. We’d love this piece as a bar area in your spacious, formal dining room or welcoming guests in your open foyer.

Stunning Modern Sideboard

We fell completely in love with this curved design at first sight. We love its unusual shape but it’s very clean and simple styling. It’s another versatile piece that would look great in a variety of homes and rooms. Whether the foyer, home office, dining room or living area, you can make it work with this piece.

Two Tone Sideboard

This color blocked design is a beautiful, sophisticated piece for your sleek studio apartment or ultra modern home. It’s clean, posh in appeal and there’s a not fuss essence that makes it versatile for a variety of areas in the home. You don’t even have to accessorize it if you don’t want to!

Ultra modern sideboard

If you want some color without then this if the design for you! The inspiration is ultra contemporary but also quite youthful and trendy because of it’s vivacious colors. Pair this piece with a hazey gray or charcoal space so the colors pop with ease.

Wall mounted sideboard

Who says furniture needs four legs? Sometimes you can get a design that has just two and create a fun illusion, focal piece, and add even more modern flair to your home. We love how the wooden foundation helps to tone down the overall design making it still a very homey piece.

wall mounted sideboard