Trash recycling can be a job, especially from the side of trash bins and trash cans as they have not been the most user and space friendly until now. Sure the “Ovetto” is not right for every kitchen décor, but its all in one concept may push to you accept its modern space age look. The Ovette or Ovetto Differenziato which stands for Recycling Egg from designer and architect Gianluca Solid meets the needs of domestic waste separation with all three types of waste residing in one trash bin. This decorative recycling bin / trash can is perfect of home or office use, will no doubt inspire eco-friendly behavior, and it is even made from recycled polypropylene to avoid any hint of hypocrisy. 15 to 17 Litre. Requires 25/35 Litre bags. Comes with a choice of color stickers for the lids, and each of its compartments has holes for air circulation. 84 cm height x 45 x 45 cm Price: £137.00.

ovette trash can recycling bin

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