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Summer will be coming to an end in the next few months, but that doesn’t mean its time to head inside! On the contrary, this could be the best time for summertime entertaining and enjoying the late-summer nights on your gorgeous lawn. While you may love to entertain on it, your lawn goes through a pounding in the late-summer months. From the hot sun, insects, disease and other environmental stressors, it can be a challenge to keep your lawn looking great. Here are tips to ensure your lawn is ready for late-summer entertaining.


Ensuring Your Lawn is Ready for Late-Summer Entertaining

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Take care of your lawn from the roots

The first thing you have to do is to repair your lawnmower and weed eater and then, mow the lawn. Keep the grass height not more than an inch. Know that you are doing it right if you see runners and some bare soil. However, the mowing can vary depending on the soil type and weather in the region you live. Raking is a good way to remove leaves from your lawn and a way to control thatch. Raking thoroughly is important because it ensures your lawn will continue to grow throughout the summer season. Raking will help determine if your grass roots are healthy or if they’re matted, have bare patches, are developing disease, pests, etc…


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Aeration and fertilizer to help your grass grow

Removing dense layers of hatch with help the soil of your lawn to get aerated. However, in case of high traffic lawn, the soil remains severely compacted. In that case, you have to use an aeration machine to release the air squeezed into the soil. Choosing a fertilizer is a homeowner’s choice. You can apply either chemical or organic fertilizer or a mixture of both. Visit your local nursery and ask them to give something that will build strong roots and keep the turf thick and green. Feeding your lawn at a regular interval will help it to absorb nutrients and retain water. A seaweed based liquid fertilizer will act as a multi-vitamin. It does not have any impact on grass roots but will make the blades look and feel better.


Essential watering and monitoring

Many homeowners think that watering your lawn consistently without changing its schedule is the best way to keep up a thriving yard. On the contrary – watching how the summer sun impact your lawn, as well as foot traffic, summer pests, and summer hot spots could mean you need more or less water. Invest in a irrigation system that has a programmable timer. Similarly to the thermostat in your home, it will keep a routine and help your lawn look consistently healthy, even as outdoor variables fluctuate.


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Water your lawn thoroughly immediately after applying fertilizer because many fertilizers can burn your lawn. The thorough watering also enable the fertilizer to disperse throughout your root system and spread evenly to ensure healthy grass.


Your lawn is the crowning joy of your outdoor home. Whether your kids love to play in it, you love to entertain in it, or you just enjoy looking at the lush green  landscape of your outdoor home, use these helpful tips to ensure it stays healthy and gorgeous throughout the season. Throughout the year your lawn will go through different growing seasons, as you local nursery or home improvement garden professional for local geographic landscaping tips, as your locale can effect your watering, fertilizing and mowing schedule. After you’ve put in all of this work, make sure you get out and enjoy your beautiful lawn!