There’s just something very pronounced about that moment when we sit down at a desk for the first time as children.  It feels so adult, really… and at an age when all we want to do is grow up as quickly as possible, having one’s own desk can become quite the rite of passage. So, today’s roundup of children’s desk configurations offers a broad swath of colors and designs to suit as many little (and soon-to-be-big) personalities as possible.  Whether they’re future CEOs, doctors, artists or philanthropists in the making, they need a good foundation from which to start chasing their dreams.  Here, we present a very good place to begin.

chalkboard desk
Funky Chalkboard Desk from LOL Kids


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blue children's desk
Blue Kid’s Desk from Offi



kid's desk with chalkboard top
Child’s Desk with Chalkboard Top from Lipper



child's oak desk
Child’s Oak Desk and Yellow Stool from Vamp



pastel girl's desk
Doll House Desk from Ashley Furniture



teen writing desk
Hampton Classic Desk & Hutch from PBTeen



pink adjustable desk
Isabella Adjustable Desk from Furniture 123 UK



small jigsaw desk
Jigsaw Desk from Uncommon Goods



white desk
Polyanna White Children’s Desk from Furniture 123 UK



polka dot chair
Small Space Solutions Desk & Hutch from PBTeen