Mr. T by Kieser Spath Industrial Design Coat Rack

In case you happen to be living in a small home or apartment then I’m sure you’re looking for all sorts of out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to furniture and interior design solutions in order to maximize the space at your disposal. That’s why you should definitely consider the Mr. T or Mr. T XL coat rack, which we’re showing you today. Created by German design studio Kieser Spath Industrial Design the Mr. T coat racks are perfect for small homes although I’m sure they’d fit quite well in other environments as well. The design of each Mr. T version is quite simple: a wooden frame and an aluminum rod that acts as the actual hanging strip. The only difference between the two models, besides size, is the color of the aluminum strip; black for the smaller Mr. T and white for the larger Mr. T XL. Via Kieser Spath Industrial Design