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The Cartesio Cristalplant Freestanding Tub by Agape showcases how creativity can be infused into any realm of design without taking away its primordial properties. The spacious rectangular tub leans towards contemporary design elements and meshes technology, functionality and design flawlessly. For the uninitiated, ” Cristalplant” is a “chronologically advanced composite material constituted by a high percentage of natural materials and a small percentage of extremely pure polyester and acrylic polymers”. This basically means it’s non-toxic and boasts of enhanced hygienic properties. The modern bathtub is also available in other incarnations and one can also opt for the more traditional materials like oak or teak in their choice of finish. With its thoughtful design and sleek form factor, the Cartesio Cristalplant Freestanding Tub is a lush commemoration of modern aesthetics.

Cartesio Cristalplant Freestanding Tub By Agape