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Furniture Fashion was recently contacted by Boca do Lobo about their new line called Limited Edition Large Emotion. The designers sought to create a unique furniture experience for owners by designing pieces to the likes of which no one has seen before. These pieces would carry a sense of “being collectible” as each one would be limited to only 20 production copies. Obviously, this sets these pieces into a different price range making them for families with the resources to purchase these. The end result was a series of unique pieces that stimulate the imagination with their innovative facets. Each piece carries a high level of personal detail that can really be seen in the pictures. More information on the limited edition furniture line can be found at Boca do Lobo.
Limited Edition Furniture by Boca do Lobo

Forest Large Emotion Media Console
Victoria Media Storage Furniture
unique furniture
black Mondrian bedroom dresser
white Mondrian unique bedroom furniture
white Mondrian detail

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