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From designer Karim Rashid a well know name in the modern furniture game comes the cool Sofa One, a perfect combination of form and function. This eye-catching sofa makes use of the unique frame by hosting a wood-lined portal perfect for a good book or the all mighty remote control.

In addition a small slice of the cushion can be placed to lay flat, or as shown for a chaise lounge look. Smooth rounded edges, back rest cut out, and minimal metal feet add subtle finishing touches to the Sofa One.

Once again, Karim Rashid shows why he is one of the top innovative designers around. Each time I see this piece I am mystified. How I would enjoy a chance to sit on one, just to see how comfortable it is and feel the craftsmanship up close.

Neoset Modern Childrens Bedroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid’s Neoset childrens bedroom set is destined to get your kids eye for cutting edge design started from a young age. The bedroom collection is to features twin and bunk beds, storage shelving and drawers, and some visual pizzazz as you might expect from the king of modern furniture design.

Visit karimrashid.com for a look at all of Rashid’s creations including art, packaging, and so many awesome designs.

Neoset Modern Childrens Bedroom Furniture by Karim Rashid
Neoset Modern Childrens Bedroom Furniture by Karim Rashid

“Orgy” Modern Sofa from OFFECCT and Karim Rashid

The “Orgy” modern sofa is the perfect combination of Scandinavian manufacturing and the creative design of Karim Rashid. OFFECCT has worked closely with the furniture industries top designers to create one of the most refreshing collections that have a distinctly European flair.

The Orgy sofa features an encompassing round shape which allows the ottoman to become part of the whole expanding the seating surface and comfort level.

Orgy Sofa by Karim Rashid

contemporary sofas offecct orgy by karim rashid

contemporary home furnishings karim rashid offecct orgy

Magino : The Acrylic Coffee Table from Karim Rashid

The recent Furniture Fashion post on the acrylic furniture of Aaron R Thomas made me think of the Magino Coffee Table designer Karim Rashid did for Umbra.

The simply shaped coffee table also doubles as a magazine rack and is a nice light alternative to the typical heavy center piece especially if you have a small space or an area rug you would like to keep in view. There is also a matching barstool. Made from clear Lucite formed acrylic.  $770The Acrylic Coffee Table from Karim Rashid

The Acrylic Coffee Table from Karim Rashid

Sofa ONE by Karim Rashid

Available in fabric or leather, left or right facing. 79″ L x 32″ D x 31″ H , seat: 17″ H x 21″ deep

Sofa One By Karim Rashad

Karim Rashid Wavelength Three Seater 

Here is another great seating option from the furniture store created by designer, Karim Rashid. Wavelength is a simple design that brings out shapes and geometric angles found in mid century modern masterpieces.

The angled legs combined with minimal space on and around the seats create a wonderful addition to any living room. There are multiple fabric options available.

Measurements: 71″W x 31″D. Price: $4,300 in June 2008, so considerably more expensive in 2020 and very hard to find. Very collectable.

Karim Rashid Wavelength Three Seater

Koncord Barstool by Karim Rashid for Slide

Designer Karim Rashid keeps his Koncord barstool design simple yet colorful thanks to a one piece rotational molded polyethylene construction. The Koncord stool will be on display at this year’s Milan design week at superstudio piu in Via Tortona, and is part of the plastic molded furniture collection by Italian manufacturer Slide.

barstools koncord stool karim rashid

bar stools modern furniture karim rashid

Karim Rashid White Sideboard

Designer Karim Rashid has created so many great pieces that surely he cannot do another, right? Well, I stand corrected. Here is a white sideboard for a contemporary furniture fan that wants to store away dinnerware, silver, and other items.

This sideboard could also work as a media storage cabinet in a living room providing space to store away things that you do not want seen every day by your guests. Influence for this piece comes from waves of the ocean as you can see in the detail of the decorative lines that embrace this piece.

Karim Rashid Sideboard

Karim Rashid Sideboard

Karim Rashid Sideboard

Karim Rashid’s Steel Cadmo Floor Lamp

Karim Rashid’s inimitable style is apparent in each of his design, and the Cadmo Lamp is no exception. Fun, funky and extremely functional, the Cadmo floor lamp is a testament to Rashid’s unique styling and his love for the unconventional.

Available for purchase on the Artemide website, the lamp is a vision in red and will appeal to all modern mavens out there. Built from steel,Cadmo lamp features an eye-catching red lacquered exterior and a white powder-coated interior that complements the mirrored-steel weighted metal base.


Three Modern Sofas in One by Karim Rashid

Not sure what shape sectional or sofa group to put in your living space? The answer may lie here in the Ovalite modern sofa by designer Karim Rashid. This has now been around for more than 10 years and can only go up in value, if you can find one.

This sleek beauty has an L shape, C shape, and U shape option for the perfect arrangement in various sized rooms. The high legs and light frame give Ovalite a minimal look despite its massive seating space.

Available ottomans can be used to extend the leg room or placed in the center to create a large sleeping surface. The shapes can be reversed and come in Ultra suede and other fabrics in various colors with complimentary chrome legs.

Sofa: 88″ L x 50″ D x 34″ H, seat: 16″, actual side depth: 30″ Ottoman: 56″ L x 30″ D x 16″ H


Recessed And Pedestal Modern Wash Basin By Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid known for his funky colors and idiosyncratic designs but he has toned down on the eccentricity with the  Floot Modern Wash Basin. The Floot is a beautiful and sophisticated pedestal wash basin designed for Cielo.

The basin is available in a recessed or a pedestal avatar and will be exhibited at the  Cersaie 2011. The Floot with its sinuous lines and elegant styling is suitable for both traditional and modern decor.

Given that it has not been officially unveiled, not much information is available on it but expect it to be pricey like most designer furniture.

Modern TV Tub from Karim Rashid and Saturn of Korea

Karim Rashid, one of my favorite designers known for his modern contributions has designed a modern bathtub that finally incorporates two of my favorite past times, relaxing and watching TV.

Korean based manufacturer Saturn developed the “TV Tub” from liquid acrylic resin which accentuates the smooth oval shape and plush texture. The shape of this deep free standing soaker tub caters to the person who wants to sit and relax as the downward sloping design results in a TV mounted in plain view just above your feet.

The emergence of luxury bathroom products with advanced technology has made the once utilitarian boring bathroom a place to enjoy spend a little more time in.

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Modern Doors by Albed and Karim Rashid

Join the rooms of your home with the stylish modern doors from famed designer Karim Rashid. The Albed collection includes the Ring, Kart, Blow, and Divy doors which are as snazzy as most of Rashid’s designs and feature inlaid color strips and raised and shaped surfaces that really add visual excitement.

See the full line of designer doors from Albed and Karim Rashid.

Modern Doors by Albed / Karim Rashid


designer doors karim rashid
contemporary doors albed by karim rashid
modern doors and home interiors karim rashid

Karim Rashid’s Azio Is A Lamp And An Air Purifier

Karim Rashid’s Azio is truly evolved since it moonlights as both as a lamp and an air purifier. The sense of experimentation that Rashid brings on the forefront is commendable and rare.

Axio is part of the  Luxerion Collection created by Artemide and Elica and is veritable effort by them to attempt something different. The pendant lamp features  independent switches for controlling the light and the lamp is also touch-sensitive and also comes with a remote control.

The material of choice is black glass and it has also been equipped with  carbon filter which has been designed to annihilate macro impurities, unwanted odors  and particles under 0.1 microns like pollen, dust and bacteria.

Karim Rashid's Azio Is A Lamp And An Air Purifier

Karim Rashid's Azio Is A Lamp And An Air Purifier

Dazzling Metal Wall Tiles from Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid does it again. This time Rashid collaborates with Australian based ALLOY Design on a simply brilliant series of metal wall tiles that are available in a wide choice of metal finishes and patterns.

According to Rashid “The more diversity of line, shape, and composition, the more interesting a single cell is. The undulating, curvilinear forms give a 2-dimensional surface a sense of 3-dimensions.

These elements repeat in a predictable manner but they are designed to contradict the square tile”. The wall tiles are each punched from 1.6mm high quality metal and costs about $4.50 USD or $5 AUD for our friends down under.

copper wall tiles by Karim Rashid

The New Crystal Kitchen from Karim Rashid and Scavolini

Multi talented designer Karim Rashid adds one more notch on his belt with the “Crystal Kitchen” from high profile kitchen manufacturer Scavolini.

The bright and refreshing colors of this glass front collection come complete with all of the usable features Scavolini has become known for.

According to Rashid “Decoration is a way of communicating, of conferring dimension, structure, form, depth and character; it’s a way of giving depth and dynamism to the objects that animate our space, that create favorable conditions, that drive the eye to go beyond the surface to arouse an illusion or entropy, to embellish or enrich the surfaces, materials and objects”.

See more of the Crystal kitchen collection as well as all of their snazzy kitchen designs and an interview with Karim Rashid.


New Ultra Contemporary Furniture by Karim Rashid

Known for his ultra contemporary furniture, Karim Rashid is now designing for Soft Line where he created this sofa called “Pierce”. At first glance the backrest almost looks to be detached from the seating area.

Though it appears to be scarcely attached in truth it creates a unique contemporary visual by not being burdened by typical furniture design principles.
Ultra Contemporary Furniture

Semiramis Hotel : Colorful Architecture by Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid is no stranger to colorful architecture and interior design, and Furniture Fashion has reviewed several of his trend setting styles.

This time Rashid has taken on a new type of project with the Semiramis Hotel in Athens which as you can see reflects on positive energy, heightened experiences, culture, art and design.

Every room of this 21st century architectural wonder is decked out with super cool furniture, art, and creative touches you won’t soon forget or see in any other hotel out there. My favorite part of this building is the pool and patio area that would no doubt make your relaxing time special.

See the rest of the modern furniture and architecture of the Semiramis Hotel.

contemporary hotel semiramis hotel karim rashid