Reclaimed furniture or conscientious design is no longer the next big thing since it has already gained a foothold in the A&D continuum. Weckner Design, a Glasgow based furniture redesign company is carving a niche for themselves with their imaginative musings as all their creations strike the right balance between the retro and modern and have the unmistakable Scandinavian design trademark as well. Working primarily with reclaimed furniture and sourcing non-reclaimed materials from only socially responsible suppliers, the company knows the importance of ethics.

Some of their more notable designs are the retro Time 09 Lamp, the stunning Gold Finger Chair  and the quirky Herald Bowl. The Time 09 Lamp is a funky reclaimed lamp shade dressed in news articles from Times magazine 2009 issues where as the Herald Bowl is housed in a Glasgow Herald Newspaper from April 22 1960. However it is the Gold Finger which would grab the most eyeballs since its a redesign of Philippe Starck’s Dr. No chair from the Kartell collection.

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