Design studio Kinzo has a penchant for streamlined aesthetics and forms that borrow heavily from jet fighters and airplanes. Hence its no coincidence that their critically acclaimed Kinzo Air Cabin follows in the same vein. Characterized by a scuplturalistic silhouette, a futuristic functionality and almost abstract aesthetics, the Air Cabin is a testament to modern day engineering and highlights intelligent design. The spacious file storage system can hold up to 90 files and comes equipped with flush-mounted sliding doors and a niftily designed lift and slide mechanism. The unusual asymmetrical form factor may be too much for the traditionalists, but there is no denying that the Kinzo Air is an extremely well-designed work cabinet that has been styled with a rare contemporary chutzpah.
“Kinzo Air is an office furniture programme with a resolutely futuristic design approach,” said Karim El-Ishmawi, Kinzo designer. “Every piece of furniture has a distinctive sculptural and architectural quality – functionality does not need to rhyme with blandness. Supersized cable ducts, steal skids instead of table legs and many other details make office work easier and more inspirational. Our filing cabinet is a logical addition to the programme.