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ABC Home has introduced an eye-catching host of mother of pearl furnishings into its latest offerings, taking great care to preserve the traditional inlay process practiced in India for generations.  Each piece of furniture, available with a black or white base, takes several weeks to be completed by skilled artisans.  The reason for its majestic effect: mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is the composite material of which pearls are made; it gets it iridescence from its aragonite platelets, the thickness of which is similar to the wavelength of natural light, causing different colors of light to be reflected at different angles, giving the substance its angelic glow.  This shimmery collection in particular ranges from $795 for a small side table (18” w x 14” d x 25” h) to $2495 for a chest of drawers (44” w x 23” d x 36” h).

mother of pearl furniture


mother of pearl chest



mother of pearl side table


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