18 Ultra Modern Gas Fireplaces

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A veritable sea of ingenuity has surged to the A&D shore when it comes to gas and ethanol fireplaces and here are some of the most gorgeous modern and contemporary fireplaces out there. Some are more ornamental, some are more functional however all are exquisite and highlight a novel approach to contemporary design.
The first on the list is the Apollo Table Top Fireplace, which has been designed by Carl Mertens. This particular fireplace highlights the new design trend where functionality is not the main criteria. The Apollo Table Top Fireplace is more ornamental in nature and will keep the guests riveted during dinner soirees. It gives an illusion of warmth and sets a unique ambiance. This mini-fireplace measures 4.75″W x 11″L x 13.75″H and is made of glass and stainless steel.

apollo table fireplace 1

When it comes to designing fire based products, no one does it better than Elena Colombo of Brooklyn based Colombo Construction Corp. Elena’s creations are nothing short of sculptures and are a perfect amalgamation of fine craftsmanship and modern glam. Don’t believe us? Then check out the visually breathtaking “in-ground corten steel fire arc with acid etched tree” which is an ocular masterpiece.

elena colombo gas fire places 2

If you don’t fancy the contemporary school of design thought and find the use of materials like stainless steel to cold then you would love the works by Redwitz. The designer duo of Sylvia and Lukas Redwitz understand tradition and keep it alive in the modern context. Check out the Mazzetto Fireplace that gives a rustic design vibe and brings warmth beautifully to any living space.

wall mounted gas fireplaces 3

The Chimo Fireplace by Blomus is ideal for those who live a nomadic existence and cannot be tearing into walls every time they decide to shift base. The Chimo Fireplace use clean-burning ethanol fuel and makes the chimney redundant too. The tall cylindrical design will also make it easier to move around this beauty whenever, wherever.

chimo fireplace modern gas 4

The Ponton Fireplace reflects the spirit of the times beautifully and looks as mesmerizing as the Olympic Torch. Constructed from tempered glass and stainless steel, the fireplace has been designed by Wolf Udo Wagner. The Ponton Fireplace may not warm chilled bones however it can be the ideal centerpiece during a party on a lovely winter night.

ponton glass fireplace 5

The next product to be featured in this list isn’t a fireplace however it does make for the perfect fire accessory. The Fire Jacks adds a touch of panache and fun to the archaic fireplace. An alternative to faux coal, pebbles and logs, the accessory pays homage to traditional game of jacks and available in matte white, matte black, crème’ crazed & glazed and a even metallic gold!

gas fire logs fire jacks 6

One look at the portfolio of Radius Design and you will know that are experts in dramatizing and accentuating any given area. The High Flame Fireplace by Michael Rösing stands tall (no pun intended) and epitomizes grandeur. Measuring 147 cm in height, the fireplace features a modern hearth and will transfix any design aficionado with its cracking flames and imposing structure.

raduis design ultra modern fireplaces 7

If the High Flame Fireplace stole the show with its tall structure, the Hublot Fireplace made its way to this list for its compact dimensions. Designed by Stefano Bordignon & Roberto Lanaro, the Hublot highlights Italian craftsmanship and modern design outlook. The fireplace works in a contemporary set up despite retaining the charm of a traditional fireplace.

old fashioned fireplaces 8

Greed For Quiet ensures that you never ever fight for that perfect spot near the fire. As a design concept it works flawlessly as it moonlights as a fire pit and furniture set. However in reality, the execution of the design may be a problem as a number of safety issues crop up.

gas fireplace with seats 9

The fireplaces by Safretti never disappoint be it style or functionality. The Curva Fireplace also encapsulates the Safretti vision perfectly as it gives a modern twist to the archetypal fireplace. The Curva Fireplace has been made of powder-coated steel and brushed stainless steel.

curva ethanol modern fireplaces 10

The Antrax Bubble is a wall-mounted fireplace, which has been designed by Andrea Crosetta. The open-hearth fireplace can dynamise any space and offers a reinvention of the characteristically dull and formulaic model of the fireplace.

antrax bubble wall mounted ethanol fireplace 11

Those who desire something more traditional in their living space will definitely covet the Square Marmo (I definitely do). Designed by Lino Codato, the fireplace is enclosed in a large square marble panel to given an illusion of theatricality and beauty. I can actually imagine sitting by the Marmo fireplace and achieving a sense of invigorating refuge.

marble fireplaces 12

In this day and age, almost all us have developed a “Green” conscious. The EcoSmart Q fireplace will prevent you from inviting the wrath of environmentally conscious friends as it comes equipped with a vent-less EcoSmart Burner and was also awarded the “Coolest Green Product”, by the Winner 2009 New York House Magazine. Made from weatherproof materials including fiberglass, stainless steel and toughened glass, the fireplace is fuelled by denatured ethanol, an environmentally friendly, renewable energy.

eco smart ethanol fireplaces 13

Love the idea of a fireplace adoring your livings space? Hate the fact that winters don’t exist in your side of the world? Then you would love the Electroscape, which tries to capture the captivating imagery of crackling fire, and adds warmth to your living space without ever heating it. Available in two landscape versions, the fireplace LED circuits with single and multiple colour options. It can also be purchased with an optional 2kw heater.

chrome wall mounted gas fire place 14

Here is another travel friendly fireplace that appeals to my nomadic heart. The Travelmate Portable Fireplace By Conmoto is designed as a suitcase and has a fuel tank that can be opened and shut without any hassle. The technology of smokeless fire combined with a weather resistant powder coating makes this one a keeper!

portable fireplaces travelmate 15

Nothing like witnessing the sensuous dance of flames among a stunning background. The Cadiz Square Fire Pit is perfect for the great outdoors as the fire pit has stainless steel legs and is extremely hardy. It also comes with two chrome cooking grills and hence can also moonlight as a BBQ!

cadiz square firepits 16

Are you a fan of sleek lines, modern technology and jaw-dropping designs? Then the A6DS Fireplace is just the right companion for you this winter. It breaks all design traditions by incorporating a 6′ linear gas burner insert as well as a display case.

a6ds ultra modern gas fireplace 17

These days a fireplace doesn’t just serve a utilitarian purpose but is also ornamental in nature. Take for instance the Wall Mount Indoor / Outdoor Gel Fireplace which has been featured on the Oprah Show and can be purchased from Amazon. There is no chimney so say goodbye to smoke and it can also be easily fixed into a wall.

gel outdoor wall mounted fireplace  18

There is no denying that a fireplace can light up any living space (and I don’t mean it just metaphorically). The fireplaces listed above all epitomize style and intelligent design and will be appreciated by those who have discerning taste.

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