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Minimalists with a penchant for clean lines and understated elegance with a hint of personality need look no further than Cappellini’s thin black Cube Side Table, with glass tabletops sitting on an interlocking pair of thin steel cubes coated in matte black powder epoxy.  Nendo, the designer, likely had an M.C. Escher drawing in mind (although consciously or not, we can’t say) when he created the original sketches for the visually arresting piece.  In any event, the result — an artful albeit misleading table, standing 20” tall and spanning 18” in width – takes on an inconspicuous shape before a second glance is taken and its artistry is fully appreciated. In short, although it takes a moment to realize the brilliance of it, it really is simply stunning. $1400 from Cappellini.



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