Trying to find a good looking modern radiator to warm your home presents a difficult challenge to decorating as eyes are drawn to it much like a magnet and they are so often not very attractive. If you are considering replacing a radiator in a kitchen, bathroom or living room you will soon realize the challenge to find one that has a decorative design to it. Well look no further. Here are 22 decorative ideas in this article that come from Projectclima that may change the minds of many of the shoppers out there that can only find the typical metal tube styles that look so industrial and ironically cold. These guys offer unique and super stylish solutions with bright and optimistic colors that look more like art than anything else. Either way, from seeing the images, there is hope to cover up that nasty bit of metal that makes decorating a challenge. If there are not any options in finding decorative covers that are a very cost effective way to change your look up, this might be a solution. Take another look at the warmer in your house and see if you might not want to make a change.

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