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To toss in a chaise lounge is one of the easiest ways to add an air of old-world sophistication to any given space — plain and simple.  These ladylike recliners from eras gone by are at once elegant and easy, inviting guests to sit down and relax — but perhaps maintain their posture as they do so.  In a mix of finishes, sizes, styles and upholstery, today’s roundup features everything from a classic, tufted display of grandeur to an updated, streamlined version more indicative of current tastes.  Whether the surrounding decor is traditional, transitional or uber-contemporary, there’s something in this roundup that can, put plainly, class up the joint in a jiffy.

chaise lounge
Modern Lounge from MDF Italia


chaise lounge design
Coco Twig Modern Lounge from Frontgate


chaise lounge designs
Decorative Ivory Chaise from Bretz Couture


transitional chaise lounge
Soft Brown Lounge from Greener Lifestyles


traditional chaise lounge
Traditional Regency Lounge from Coup de Tat


leather chaise lounge
Zebra Patterned Lounge from Mercantila


modern leather chaise lounge
Amaka Lounge from Casa Nova


black and white lounger
Black & White Patterned Lounge from Hayneedle


neutral chaise
Chloe Lounge from Sam Moore


microfiber chaise lounges
Camel Lounge from Chaise Lounges & More