10 Examples Of Cool And Innovative Pillows

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To get a good night sleep, it is imperative to have a  good pillow. But sometimes pillows have a greater purpose in life and it is not just about resting your head. Listed below are some of the coolest and innovative pillows that will surely grab attention and they range from the good, the bad to the ugly!


The iCushion Pillow

Not all of us can get our hands on the covetable iPhone. So why not settle for this rather comfortable alternative?

Social Media Icons Pillow Set

Social networking fanatics will love this pillow set as will make them feel right at home.

The Pillow Book

Veracious readers will love this one, as it will help them remember their University days, where hours were spent in the library!

Log Pillows By Intelligent Form

These pillows are perfect for your laptop and makes the art of surfing the Internet in bed a more pleasant experience.

Angel and Devil Pillows

The epic battle between good and evil carries on to the bedroom!

d°light Huggable Pillow

Light up your bed and snuggle away with these uber-cute pillows. The d°light Huggable can glow brightly for around 4 hours which is quite impressive.

The Blood Puddle Pillow

Macabre and not for the faint-hearted. This pillow is a must have for CSI fans!

Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows

A telling statement on our tech dominated existence! Will be a hit with the geeks.

Cushion ThenCry

Have allergies? Or worse nursing a broken heart? Then have a good cry in bed and ensure you don’t ruin the sheets by using the refillable Kleenex-dispenser  that comes attached to this  pillow.

Alarm Clock Pillow

Who needs a pesky alarm clock when your pillow can get the job done with some cool ambient lighting?



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