Future refrigerators will look a lot different than what we’re used to see today and they’re most likely to employ various technologies that are either not fully developed or not even invented yet. The fridge of the future in the images below will keep food in some sort of green sludge that appears to be a nanorobotic bio-gel that would surround all your food and keep it cool. That’s definitely an interesting project and I only hope that green thing won’t get mixed with my food, once I take it out of it. Seriously speaking though, such fridge is supposed to take up little space in your kitchen, especially when mostly empty, and it will be able to get energy from the air and use it to keep all your food cool. I’m just curios whether this thing can dispose ice too, again, without any bio-gel in it.

Fridge Concept 1.jpg
Fridge Concept 2.jpg

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Fridge Concept 3.jpg
Fridge Concept 4.jpg