The health benefits of traditional and Infrared home Saunas has been known for many years and their use is growing thanks to a broader awareness of health and wellness programs. With the explosion of wellness products and the all important “need to be entertained”, it was only time we would see some of the modern conveniences making their way into the mix. The E Series of Far Infrared Saunas includes the Carbonflex heating system that operates at the safest and most comfortable sauna temperatures providing optimal wavelength for deeper penetration of heat with a drop down flat panel TV, Integral LCD screen with DVD player, and a Radio with CD player. Other features include an overhanging ceiling with discreet recessed fluorescent lighting tucked into the overhang, ergonomically design arched backrest for each bench, and frosted and etched glass on the lower portion to add a touch of elegance and privacy.

infrared saunas with tv and radio