The closet is traditionally a small, dark space tucked into bedrooms where they can almost disappear entirely.  You take great care and pride in your modern wardrobe, however, so why should your favorite articles of clothing be relegated to tiny, cramped spaces without proper light or room to move?  That is the underlying theory behind the Close walk-in closet from Varenna Poliform.  Innovative designer Carlo Colombo loves to redefine the standards of familiar spaces or furniture by changing the way you interact with the room around you.

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Modern Wardrobe Idea: The Close Walk-In Closet

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The Close walk-in closet by Varenna Poliform is no different; Colombo’s creativity takes the closet from the camouflaged background to the focal point of your room with a fresh architectural concept. The closet is less of a closet and more of its own room, framed by sliding doors in aluminum and glass.  This open feeling fundamentally shifts the idea of a closet from small and dark to open and integrated into the rest of the space.  Customization is key to Colombo’s design, in everything from the door size, aluminum finish, and glass tint (you can still retain a measure of privacy by opting for a smoked glass instead of fully transparent panes).

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Inside the new closet space, adjustable drawers, shelves, and hanging rods are at your disposal to arrange a place for everything in your wardrobe.  The Close walk-in closet will make the closet an integral part of your room and your architectural design.  Are you ready to bring your closet into the open?