Often passed over in its importance, living room flooring creates a baseline upon which sofas, chairs, loveseats, coffee tables and lighting are added to create an overall look.   There are so many ideas to choose from with ideas such cork, hardwoods, bamboo, stone, many types of tile and even concrete. Color should be a prime consideration as it can contrast with furniture. For example dark flooring can compliment lighter colored furnishings whereas light flooring will complement darker hues. Adding a rug can also add some pizzazz to your design and help tie pieces together. For inspiration, take a look at these twelve ideas and see who these rooms have come together.

bamboo flooring and floors

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bleached wood floors

dark wood living room floors

floors with wood grain

grey and white marble flooring

knotty pine flooring

natural light stone floors

natural slate floors

shiny red flooring

Here are great new flooring options featuring red as a color. Typically we may see an accent wall, but this design is much bolder.

two tone wood floors

white marble floors

white square living room floors