Revolving Home Trends To Look At In 2021

Home trends are always evolving, and every new season different colors, accessories and flooring come onto the market and take Instagram by storm. 2021 will be no different – and, with more people spending time at home, owners are choosing to invest more of their hard-earned cash on accessorizing and renovating their property. Of course, this is in line with the latest home trends. From decorating with dried flowers to remodelling with laminate flooring, here are some of the most popular trends right now.

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Creating Textured Walls

Feature walls are back, and this has been a huge trend in recent years. But 2021 sees this trend go further and now you can enjoy textured walls. This is to add interest to a room and people are taking on using 3D tiles and other coverings to make their home different. There is also a range of wallpapers that are offering textured effects everybody is love for their feature wall.

Using Dried Flowers

One trend that does not disappear is vibrant houseplants. Those that like greenery love to have plants they can take care of in their home. There are, though, people who are looking for low maintenance flowers and this is where this next trend comes in.

2021 is going to see more dried flowers being displayed around the house. Homeowners are loving the aesthetic, with the beige tones and interesting shapes. Also, there is no maintenance required and you can pair them with your vase.

Choosing Distressed Wood Laminate Floors

Another home tend you want to keep up with is laminate flooring. More people are choosing laminate floors over carpet and wood. This is because of the variety of designs that are available. In particular, a lot of homeowners are loving the distressed wood style. This allows you to enjoy the look of weathering and used wood for a rustic theme but without the downsides to hardwood. Instead, laminate floors are moisture-resistant, durable, and easy to lay.

Building Permanent Desks

Last year saw many people creating a temporary workspace in their homes. But, in 2021, working at home seems to be the new normal. This means that more people are choosing to build more permanent desks in their houses. They are being added to living rooms and bedrooms, offering more space to work. Makeshift setups are out, and new permanent workspaces are in with room to accessorize too.

Decorating with Line Art

While bright and colorful art has been in for many years, line art is now taking over in 2021. People are inspired by Picasso and Magritte works. Homeowners like the minimalist style and how it can add interest to a room. In particular, line art is modern and has abstract facial features that draw you in. Line art is often neutral in colors, which allows it to look good in a variety of households and to complement different styles of furniture.

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