Crealev Levitating Lamp Defies Gravity; Literally 1
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We’ve seen lamps in the shape of stones today, but they’re not nearly as interesting as any levitating lamp coming from Crealev. The company can create all sorts of levitating objects, which use magnets to literally defy gravity. And levitating lamps are definitely some interesting objects to have around the house. Light sources that float are surely going to fit well with any modern home design, not to mention that they’ll have the neighbors and all your friends talking about such innovative trickery. There are various Crealev lamp designs to choose from, and you’re probably going to be able to order some custom creations too. Considering that Halloween is just around the corner, maybe getting a bunch of floating lamps right now wouldn’t be such a bad idea, as they could do wonders in the neighborhood.

Crealev Levitating Lamp Defies Gravity; Literally
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