If you are one those poor souls who are toiling in this sweltering heat and tired of the ever mounting electricity bills then I feel your pain. However there is still hope as LG is offering a new Eco-friendly solar air conditioner.  We all know how costly cooling a home is.  The solar panels can take the edge off of the bill by redacting the number of kilowatts required.  Another nice thing is that this may not be in violation of deed restrictions if you cannot have solar panels on the roof.  This AC provides up to 70 watts of power per hour through solar cell modules which are fixed on the top. A unit if used over an extension of 10 years can reduce 212KG of CO2 which is equivalent to 780 pine trees! Something to think about and in case you are wondering, no the girl doesn’t come with the AC!

LG solar hybrid air conditioner-korea
LG solar hybrid air conditioner