modern cat bed
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Anyone who’s ever has a cat knows that these lofty creatures like a lofty view.  Their imperial natures seem to inform their lounging behaviors, often seeking the highest possible point in a home on which to perch and survey their kingdom.  Since they’re going to do what they darn well please no matter what — and possibly knock a few things off the top of the refrigerator or bookshelves in the process — designer Akemi Tanaka decided to just give them what they want in the form of a comfy, cozy wall mounted cat bed fit for… well, royalty, of course.  Available in either walnut or maple, with three upholstery options apiece — black, brown or sherpa — The Curve can be affixed to the wall alongside regular wall art almost as if it were a piece of art in and of itself.  Also perfect for perching just beneath a windowsill that isn’t quite wide enough to keep Mr. Whiskers comfortable, these inventive creations cater to your four-legged friend’s need to look down his or her cute, furry little nose at you from a perfect vantage point.  In fact, it’s such a perfect answer to every feline’s most basic need for height that we’re betting even Grumpy Cat might be a little less cranky if he had one of these to lounge around on all day.  The Curve retails on Tanaka’s website for $199. Replacement covers, available in three finishes, are $30 apiece.


The Wall Mounted Cat Bed from Akemi Tanaka


wall-mounted cat bed


modern cat bed


Photo credits: Akemi Tanaka

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