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Contemporary, ironic, and symbolic, the Enigma table from Altre Forme has a character all its own.  The design team Garilab by Piter Perbellini created a whimsical commentary on pop art and the elements of design with this casual table.  The Enigma design features a pedestal base at dining table height.  The glass top is meant to quietly disappear so that the metal form of the base can take center stage in the living room.  At first the sinuous base looks completely abstract, but with closer inspection it becomes clear that each supporting element of the base is a sculpted interpretation of a question mark.


Contemporary Dining: The Blurred Lines of an Enigma Table

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Slightly abstract but still recognizable, the question marks around the base form a flowing, curved support system for the glass top.  The dramatic arcs echo the sophistication of a Queen Anne leg, but the use of a question mark imbues the table with much more artistic meaning.  Flowing together in a never-ending circle, the question marks seem to represent the continuous change and evolution of the world.  Rather than feeling serious and weighty, however, the Enigma table by Altre Forme is light, playful, and makes its grand commentary more inviting and innocent.

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Available in your choice of colors to enhance the bold lines, the chic Enigma table knows how to be subtly expressive and full of layered meaning.  Pair it with simple, open chairs that allow the pedestal to remain the focal point.  What questions will you ponder sitting at the Enigma?