10 Uber Cool Man Cave Designs with Pictures
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I believe that looking at lots of man cave designs is the best way to find the perfect solution for your home. Look at lots of pictures and see the things that you like and don’t like and then envision them in your own palace of ultimate chilling. Today we compiled ten uber cool examples for just that purpose so you can see what others have done and learn from it. Let’s take a look at our fellow men and their ideas.

uber cool man cave designs

Now this is a great setup with the full bar and excellent choice in seating.   Notice that there are five televisions here.  This reminds me more of a sports bar theme.  Other rooms may just have one very large screen.  A lot depends on your viewing preferences if you watch one game at a time or multiple games.  The ticker near the ceiling makes me things of stock quotes from Wall Street.  Perhaps there is a service that will push sports information to that type of product.

lovely decorative rock wall in a home

The rock wall was a very interesting choice as well as the size of the TV.  I see baseballs put in the wall at various places so collecting memorabilia may be important to this person.  The patterned chairs are a bit unusual as often the choice is leather.

home garage converted into a room

Notice the theme is different her as it is more geared to auto racing.  It looks like the owner is a motorcycle rider as well and has incorporated that into the decorative theme.  This setup looks like it could be created in a garage as the flooring looks to be hard like concrete and all of the furnishings are portable.

10 Uber Cool Man Cave Designs with Pictures 1

This person’s passion is pool and you can see the wonderful table above.  Judging from the animals hunting appears to also be a hobby.  This is one of the lightest colored rooms of all the man cave designs shown today.

Chicago White Sox themed pool table

This is a White Sox fan just from looking at the pool table.   The nice thing about this setup is that it is also a game room as well.  Family can enjoy coming in an playing games if that is an important consideration for you.

10 Uber Cool Man Cave Designs with Pictures 2

When I saw the ceiling it make me thing of a converted attic or loft.  You can see the beams coming across and the triangular nature as the walls move to the roof.   I like sharing this, because many of you may think you don’t have the space in a home, but look to the attic and basement as possibilities.

10 Uber Cool Man Cave Designs with Pictures 3

How about that round pedestal with the chairs on it?  That was a clever idea that reminds me of all the NFL shows.   The green and stripe flooring mimics that of a football field and this person is obviously a Washington Redskins fan.

10 Uber Cool Man Cave Designs with Pictures 4

Using a cue to make shots from the right side of the table may be tough with the sofa, but this room has it all from gaming to movie watching.  It looks to have an amazing view out the windows.

wine racks installed in man cave

I enjoy my wine so this was a great space.  Some people may think it looks a little basic, but I included it not just for the wine, but to show how in a narrow space you can create a great design.  The picture below features the same architectural challenge and with some innovative thinking, your concept can come together.

10 Uber Cool Man Cave Designs with Pictures 5