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Interior Decorating with Serious Color by Doug Meyer

Interior Decorating Doug Meyer In a recent edition of Met Home designer Doug Meyers was featured in his rather colorful deco period home in Miami which sight unseen conjures up visions of pastels and rich interior decorationg ideas. Well the…

Pedrali Celebrates 50 Years of Italian Chairs with Art

Italian chairs
Every spring in Milan, the best and brightest new furniture designers come out to play and show their wares while the tried-and-true classics share news of forthcoming collections and impressive advances.  Perhaps one of the more notable moments in the…

The Fish Condo from Umbra

fish condo
The Fish Condo Back in the day, a fishbowl was a fishbowl.  At some point in perhaps the 1960s, it became fashionable to have a fish tank, and with the largesse of the 1970s and 80s, it was tres en…

A Stitch in Time: The Amazing Clock that Knits

knitting clock
We could spend hours waxing poetic about the metaphors displayed in today’s feature, but frankly, we’d just be overstating the obvious.  Leave it to designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen to come up with a creation so symbolic, so unique and so……

Cool Kids’ Stuff: The Toy Box with Teeth

toy box with teeth
Ah, the simplicity of childhood.  Remember when the worst part of your day was the moment when you had to put your toys away for the evening, tidy up your room after a day of play and get ready for…

Everything’s In Flux: A New Kind of Folding Chair

folding chair
Once upon a time, a folding chair was the stuff of elementary school kids’ nightmares — a bulky, indomitable piece of tangential furniture brought out only on holidays and during extended family visits, full of sharp edges and quick corners…
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