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Just Hanging Around: The Zen Circus Yoga Chair

Zen Circus Yoga Chair
There’s just something fantastic that happens when the worlds of fitness and relaxation intersect, isn’t there?  Such is the case for yoga and everything associated with it — a solid physical workout that at once centers us spiritually and mentally…

Come Together: A New Approach to Community Benches

community benches
In the ever-evolving, and not to mention rapidly growing, world in which we live, the problems of public transit, communal spaces and human interaction in general are forever tricky.  From the early urban planning of Barcelona centuries ago to the…

Tweet Tweet: Bird Speakers from Gavio-Prive

bird speakers
Maybe it’s the fact that South by Southwest, the music industry’s premier annual festival dedicated to finding undiscovered musical acts, is taking Austin, Texas by storm this week, but for some reason, we’ve been somewhat sonically obsessed over the past…

The Qubicle: Funky 3D Shelves in Bold, Bright Colors

funky 3D shelves
Although bookshelves are, sadly, becoming something of a nostalgia piece in the increasingly digital world in which we live, among furniture enthusiasts, they’ll always be as much a vehicle for artistic expression as a furnishing with a particular function.  We’ve…
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