Over Chair by Mantellassi 1926: A Perfect Centerpiece

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Nothing encapsulates the essence of luxury like the shimmer of gold. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will command instant attention, get the Over Chair by Mantellassi 1926. It has a wooden frame with real gold finishing and is all you need to make your guests drool. The chair’s design is inspired by nature. Its armrests have a wing-like design that recalls birds in flight while its legs recall a kangaroo’s legs. Both armrests have lovely adornments on their front parts. You’ll enjoy touching the adornments and admiring them while seated. The Over Chair has a reclining backrest that enhances your comfort. It is circular in shape and is richly upholstered. A plush seat finishes the luxurious look.


golden Over Chair by mantellassi


As with all Mantellassi 1926 furniture, this is stylish and functional. It is a stunning piece that outperforms other seating solutions. You can use it for a variety of purposes such as reading, relaxing, watching TV, or playing board games. You can also use it as a centerpiece and design your living room around it. The Over chair by Mantellassi has an opening between its seat and backrest which gives rooms an open feel. Its red cover and gold finishing make a perfect match for modern interiors.


luxury designer seat


Once you get the Over Chair, you’ll discover that one piece isn’t enough. You’ll want one for your bedroom, guest room, and even library. The seat’s smooth lines and shiny finish make it a must-have. Can you imagine what your friends will say when they see the golden seat in your home?