Hippies and minimalists, rejoice!  True to form, Anthropologie’s Barnwood Hanging Bed evokes a free-spirited vintage feel, seeming equally appropriate in a beach bungalow nestled at the edge of the sea, a remote log cabin tucked away in the woods or a contemporary urban loft high above the city, counterbalanced with touches of Old World ambience – not an easy feat to pull off in just one piece of furniture. Available in either twin or queen, the pinewood frame is suspended from the ceiling by a sturdy series of hooks and chains.  It certainly gives way for all manner of under-bed storage and actually sways a bit upon entrance and exit, taking the nostalgia of a bunk bed to new heights with the whimsicality of a sky chair.  Some additional hardware is required, and professional installation is recommended; paired with an antique chandelier or arrangement of paper lanterns suspended above its center, its dreamy appearance transcends the expectations inherent to its brand – which is to say, it soars.

hanging bed

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