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There are two basic types of small space living in the world: the type necessitated by income, and the type that arises out of one’s environs — say, nestled into the heart of Paris or tucked away atop a tony skyscraper in some faraway metropolis. For the latter type, a standalone wardrobe is likely in order since a walk-in closet probably didn’t come with that pied-a-terre in the 4th arrondissement. But in instances in which an IKEA closet won’t do, enter the unique armoire selection from Studio Tord Boontje, including the stunning woodwork of his piece entitled “L’armoire.” As much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture, although the unique armoire is perfectly functional, you might not even want to hang your clothing inside, lest it pale in comparison to the beauty of its captor. Per Boontje, “The particular Dalbergia wood selected is a silk-textured variety, richly brown in colour with rich highlights, and figured by a subtle, darker irregular weave throughout.” Sensuous indeed is this gorgeous wardrobe hearkening back to the classic 18th century silhouette but updating it was a bit of creative flair, and there’s no mistaking that the designer is a big fan of Rodin, given the boldly sculptural quality of his work. Standing 210 high × 110 wide × 80 cm deep, it’s a special set of somethings to be hung in such a masterpiece.


Larmoire from Studio Tord Boontje


Amazing & Unique Armoire from Studio Tord Boontje


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Photo: Studio Tord Boontje

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