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Jonathan Adler brings high-tech to home accessories with the Design Your Own throw pillows and area rug software. Your choice of designs will be hand loomed by Peruvian artists and created on a throw pillow, area rug, or tote bag. Visit for a view of design ideas.

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Add a Touch Of Class With Throw Pillows

Throw pillows or accent pillows are one of the most versatile and flexible tools in the toolbox of an interior designer. Luxury throw pillows not only bring sophistication and cohesiveness to a space’s color scheme and design, but also make it more visually appealing and striking.

Several people seem to be afraid to go bold with their interior design in terms of innovative and unique patterns for throw pillows. Sticking to conventional styles, tones, and shades is apparently considered a safer option.

Throw Pillows for Sofas: Blending in Designs, Patterns and Textures

Toss a few floral floor pillow prints onto your sofas or brighten up your simple patio with floral pillows in different sizes and shapes; your imagination and creative flair can make a powerful impact and an instant difference to your interior space.

When blending original designs, textured throw pillows and patterned throw pillows, be very careful not to throw all patterned pillows on the same side of a room. It will throw off the entire setting of the room, making one side seem overwhelming while the rest of the space will remain in a dull contrast.

This is the major reason it is so important to distribute textures, patterns and solids evenly throughout your living room for a visually pleasing and appealing look. Luxury throw pillows are the perfect way to decorate and enliven a white base. These can be the quickest and most economical way to add a splash of color and energy to your dull space.

Being bold and balanced at the same time!

When playing with colors, textures and patterns, the key to an aesthetically appealing overall impact is maintaining a balance.

Pick your colors and patterns carefully according to the overall theme of the room. An ideal technique used by many interior designers is beginning with the geometric patterns used on throw pillows and gradually continuing toward the rest of the room, such as the walls, rugs, the upholstery, wall hangings.

Starting small gives you the chance to observe the overall effect of the room in terms of boldness, and if it seems disproportionate and out of balance, you can always do modifications here and there.

The right contrast and Colors of Throw Pillows

Quality throw pillows can dramatically stress a dull colored sofa placed in front of your garden facing window and picking the right contrast and theme for a space that is heavy on patterns is key.

When working with bold patterns, it is very important to synchronize them with other elements of your interior space. A rule of thumb for a perfect setting would be to mix and match distinct patterns within the same color scheme to create a bright yet a very subtle look.

Once you have decided on a color scheme, you can experiment with the shape and texture of the throw pillows. Pillows of the same size and shape can get a little redundant and boring, marring the overall bold effect you want to create.

Variation makes all the Difference!

Decorating the soft corners of your home and sofas with designer throw pillows can add an instant touch of opulence to your home interior. Floor cushions could also look good when you want to fill a large space with something you can use for comfy seating.

Varying patterns between small, medium and large in throw pillows on your sofa, besides the tips discussed in this article, will eventually create a bold yet a very balanced and bold overall impact.

When working with luxury throw pillows for sofas, selecting patterns on a neutral base color can be your best bet. You can never go wrong with white, beige and soft backgrounds when grouping multiple patterned and differently sized pillows together.

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