It is important to protect a piece of family history by preserving Christmas ornaments since they hold sentimental value. Here are 7 Christmas ornament storage boxes ideas that may provide the type of storage you are looking for. One thing to consider is how much you want to spend on the boxes. Some of the boxes are very lavish whereas others are just more purposeful than decorative. I myself use plastic totes with inserts like in the pictures here. I find these boxes to be very stack-able and reasonably priced. I find the “winged lid” version to be very convenient for opening and closing.
Affordable Christmas Ornament Totes
Wing Lid Ornament Box: $20 –
Ornament Storage Christmas Trees
Holiday Storage Box: $15 –
Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage
Iris Holiday Storage Bin: $25 –
Tree Ornament Boxes
Archival Storage Boxes: $23 –

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Storing Christmas Decorations
Red More Archival Box: $79 –
Christmas Ornament Storage
Snapware Layer Box: $20 –
Christmas Ornament Boxes
Jubilee Ornament Box: $89 –

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