4 Blissful Steam Shower Sauna Combinations

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Blissful Steam Shower Sauna Combinations

Bliss reaches a whole new level with this amazing roundup of steam shower sauna combinations. The word “sauna,” Finnish for “winter dwelling,” produces dry heat meant to relax the muscles — not to mention the mind — allowing temperatures within the space to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit with almost no humidity.

Steam showers, on the other hand, use wet heat to coax toxins out of the lymphatic system via good old-fashioned perspiration while providing benefits to the respiratory system and, again, an overall state of relaxation.

The brilliant combos shown here provide the best of both worlds, and some also feature bells and whistles ranging from massage jets, overhead rain showers and thermostatic controls to built-in radio and CD connectors, comfortable built-in seating and more.

Why leave home to go to the spa when you can practically live in one of your own?

Utopia Steam Shower

steam shower sauna combo
The Utopia Steam Shower Sauna Combination from Di Vapor

The Ariel Platinum DS202

steam shower sauna combination
The Ariel Platinum DS202 Steam Sauna Bath Combo

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The Tris Shower Cabin

shower cabin
The Tris Shower Cabin by Ideal Standard

Steam Planet’s Dual Sauna

steam shower and sauna combo
Steam Planet’s Dual Sauna and Steam Shower Unit M-301


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