Before Guitar Heroes and Grand Theft Auto there was Pac-Man! As iconic as the Mario Brothers, Pac-Man has been a gaming legend for more than 30 years and enthralled entire generations (including me) of gamers for decades. So it makes sense to list some of the coolest furniture pieces that pay homage to the arcade legend.

The Puckman Bookcase By Mirko Ginepro

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Pac-Mac Speakers By  Viswamurthy Pandarinathan

Pac-Man Fireplace


Pac-Man Coffee Table By Erin McFadden

Pac-Man Chair By Martin B. Jing

Pac-Man Chair By Gadi Dudler

Pac- Man Chair by Joe Jorge Hinojosa

Pac-Man Tiles

Pac-Man Stools

Pac-Man Furniture Collection By Cho Hyung Suk


The Poufman Seating by QAYOT

The Lotus Lamp By  Minali Singh

The Ghostly Lamp By Ginepro

The Helium Espresso Machine