With all of America’s eyes glued to its big screens tonight in anticipation of the season’s game to end all games, here’s a roundup of sleek modern TV stands perfect for accommodating large groups gathered around large televisions, looking for stunning displays of no-holds-barred entertainment. While the designs themselves are simple and straightforward, these designers didn’t skimp on space. With the exception of a minimalist corner stand by Jovo Bozhinovski, the elements in today’s collection all stand front and center, demanding attention from everyone in the room. Let’s hope that, at least tonight, the game itself is worth watching too.


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10 TV Stands Perfect for the Big Game



silver round tv stand



acerbis tv cabinet



minimalist corner tv stand



multi-level white tv stand



red tv stand



orange and white tv stand



hidden storage tv stand



sleek black flatscreen stand



curved black tv stand


Xelo TV stand found at Paxton.