The White Desk: Save or Splurge?

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The white desk is a hot commodity currently for budding writers, bloggers, sewers, students, and anyone else wanting a bright looking desk to accessorize with a multitude of colors. The white desk is a perfect background for photography and a clean space for focusing on your work. These desks can run you anywhere from $100 to $1000. Finding your perfect white desk depends on your budget and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Do you want a functional desk with many drawers or a modern looking desk with little storage? Either way, the white desk is quite the sought after look right now. Here is a list of four large retailers and the best “Saves” and “Splurges” for each store.

Parsons Desk (West Elm Save, $399)

This save, at $399 from West Elm, features a symmetrical design on top and bottom. It’s simple enough to be styled in many ways.

white desk

Modular Office Basic Desk Set (West Elm Splurge, $899)

This West Elm Splurge features tons of storage space for those needing to get more functionality out of their white desk.

white desk design ideas

Home Loft Concept Elegant Writing Desk with Hutch (Wayfair Save, $232)

The Wayfair save is a gorgeous take on the traditional secretary desk. It has many nooks and crannies to fill all of your writing necessities like books, notebooks, pens, and accessories!

white office furniture

Sunpan Modern Bentley Desk (Wayfair Splurge, $1800)

At $1800, this Wayfair splurge is by far the most expensive desk on the list. It also is the most modern looking with the two legs of the desk towards the middle leaving the drawers appear to be floating on the sides.

contemporary office table

Ava Wood Desk (Pottery Barn Save, $299)

The Pottery Barn save is a beautiful addition to any home office and features a glass top with white crossing wooden legs.

glass and wood furniture design

Bedford Project Table Set (Pottery Barn Splurge, $1199)

This Pottery Barn splurge isn’t just a desk, but also features a built-in shelf. It’s the ultimate desk for the creative type. Fill it with books and odds and ends that will inspire your creative mind.


 Micke (Ikea Save, $69.99)

At $69.99, this is the most affordable desk on the list. Ikea is known for making stylish and affordable products and if you are looking to save money while getting your white desk, then this would be a good choice for you.


Besta Burs (Ikea Splurge, $269)

Though this is the splurge out of the two, this is still a reasonable price for this chic white desk that is waiting to be styled by you!


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