10 Innovative Pieces of Solid Wood Furniture

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At some point in the mile-a-minute blip culture in which we live, designers went reaching far and wide for new materials, new ideas and new ways to interpret every piece of furniture in, on and around which we conduct our lives.  And then, thankfully, it simply occurred to someone: what ever happened to wood?  Today’s roundup of solid wood furniture presents an innovative array of current, timeless, and in some cases, futuristic pieces created from a material as old as the earth itself.  In source material running the gamut from freshly-cut, highly sustainable bamboo to exotic reclaimed woods with storied pasts, each piece is as arresting as the next.  Put in basic terms, something that predates humanity can never really go out of style.

10 Innovative Pieces of Solid Wood Furniture



reclaimed wood bench



bent wood rocking chair



solid wood bed



chimpanzee chairs



alder wood tables



industrial wood lounger



sculpted wood rocking chair



chopped wood coffee table



marilyn monroe room divider


Ode chair found at Jolyon Yates online.



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