Ikea furniture is always fun to shop and to assemble but it might not always fit your needs. Take the custom Ikea Besta in the images below for example! Depending on what Besta version you choose, and there sure are plenty of them available from Ikea, and depending on how you choose to set it up once you get it, you might find yourself lacking the appropriate space to house a big-screen HDTV. Don’t despair though as there is a way of fitting the TV in the Besta. It requires a little manual labor, but in the end it will all pay off as the HDTV will fit quite nicely with the Ikea Besta, not to mention that the DIY project will also give you a chance to customize your whole home theater setup and place it inside the Besta too, while hiding all unnecessary cables in the process. Don’t believe me? Then just check out the images below to see how Jerome Samson did it!

IKEA Besta with HDTV 1.jpg
IKEA Besta with HDTV 2.jpg

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IKEA Besta with HDTV 3.jpg
IKEA Besta with HDTV 4.jpg