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For some, the act of getting organized is a dreaded chore, while for others, it’s an exercise in achieving a zenlike state of peace.  Wherever you fall along that long, vast continuum, you’re sure to be entranced by either the visual allure or the absolute tidiness of Urbio’s chic organization system, which uses an unending series of magnetic cubby options on a collection of wall plates.  Presented in a cool, crisp white-on-white palette, Urbio offers a perfect collection of receptacles for an urban vertical garden, a desk organizer, or both.  With multi-sized modular vessels that can house anything from a handful of pens or notepads to a hanging fern, the versatility of the piece is matched only by its understated coolness.  Made of plastic, the vessels themselves can each hold maximum weight loads from 1.25 to 18 pounds, depending on size.  What started with a humble Kickstarter campaign has become an award-winning storage solution, planter and art piece all in one: the wall panels and vessels are available online directly from Urbio starting at $25 per panel and $175 for a full set, sweetly titled “Happy Family.”


Urbio's Chic Organization System


cool modular storage


vertical planters


magnetic planters


Photo credit: Urbio

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