The Dune Bench Is A Modular Outdoor Furniture System 1
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I know what you’re thinking, you wish this Dune Bench would actually be an indoor modular furniture system; a comfortable yet modular sofa, but unfortunately for you the Dune Bench is an outdoor piece of furniture. Each Dune Bench is made of 6 elements, which can be arranged according to your needs. You can move them freely and then select your own seating position that best fits your desires. All Dune Bench elements are 3D-molded out of recyclable cellulose fiber-cement so not only are they very durable, but they’re also eco-friendly. This intriguing bench could be just what the doctor ordered for your outdoor area, so are you ready for your own Dune Bench?

Dune Bench 1.jpg
Dune Bench 6.jpg

Dune Bench 2.jpg
Dune Bench 3.jpg
Dune Bench 4.jpg
Dune Bench 5.jpg