Book Storage Ideas In 2021

Do you have oodles and oodles of books in corners around the house? Instead of stacking and throwing your collection aside, figure out a way to display and organize them in a stylish way. From bookshelves to bookcases, we’ve decided to share some beautiful inspiration on how to get it started. Take a peek at these super slick, modern book storage ideas!

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Tree Bookshelf

If you don’t have too many books or not enough space, try finding a space saver type of display case. This modern, slick case has a lot of storage space throughout but it also acts as a super cool piece of artistic accents. Display your favorite books and trinkets on this beautiful tree bookcase. The shelves can be piled with files, books, or office decor to give you a space that is both organized and creative! The vibrant colors of the sturdy wooden shelf will brighten up any living room while displaying an array of items neatly stacked for easy access when needed.

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble sturdy structure and sleek finish.
  • Ideal for books, magazines, cd, or decor to store and display
  • Ideal for living room, office, bedroom, or library
  • Durable MDF wood composition and ample shelf space for stackable books
  • High-density MDF board is waterproof and wear-resisting, making daily cleaning much easier.
  • Multi-layer separation and storage, Improve space utilization, Open design, very convenient to fetch or place your book

Tree Bookshelf, 4-Tier Book Storage Organizer Shelves Floor Standing Bookcase, Wood Storage Rack for Office Home School Shelf Display for Cd/Magazine/Book - Rustic Brown

Bookshelf or Bookcase

Multilayer design can give your home the extra space it needs to store items. The bottom drawer will make sure that everything stays stable and neat, so you never need worry about a big mess again! Add a classic rustic warm element to you room with our tree-shaped open bookshelf, which fits perfectly in your living room, bedroom, study or office.

We all know how great being organized is – but sometimes we just don’t have enough room in our homes for all of those belongings. Multipurpose storage units are an excellent solution because they offer ample space while also remaining aesthetically pleasing with their sleekness and simple designs. This unit’s design features two layers which work together as drawers (bottom) or shelves (top). You’ll never be able to run out of room again when this product has such large capacity!

Key Features

  • A nice Rustic Brown
  • MDF board
  • 23.4LB /40.3LB
  • Size One 19.6″L *55.1″H*”9.8″W
  • Size Two 33.8″L *55.1″H*”9.8″W

Rolanstar Bookshelf Bookcase with Drawer, Free Standing Tree Bookcase, Display Floor Standing Storage Shelf for Books CDs Plants,Utility Organizer Shelves for Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office

Nautical Mart Designer Bookcase

Maybe you just have a small collection of prized books, then find a piece that lets you display them with class and easy. This chic, clean-edged find can fit into any nook and cranny throughout your home or apartment. How amazing would some classic, leather-bound books be sitting on this sophisticated design?

Key Features

  • Designer aluminum bookcase with drawers
  • Art deco vintage flyer aviator furniture
  • 4 fixed shelves offer ample room
  • Aluminum has a matte finish that’s lightly distressed for a vintage look
  • Intentional nicks, dings, small scratches and other imperfections are to be expected and add to the character and uniqueness of each item

Luxury Designer Aluminum Bookcase with Drawers - Art Deco Vintage Furniture

Vintage Copper Designer Bookshelf

What’s not to love about this bookcase? It has a hardwood frame and metal plating for extra durability, plus it looks absolutely incredible. The chrome detailing is really cool too! And when you combine the aviator wing desk with the Aviator Bookshelf, your study will be complete – stylish AND functional.

The Smithers Aviator bookshelf can store up to one tonne of weight per shelf with its durable aluminium body panels while still looking great thanks to its height and chromed details – what more could anyone ask for from their furniture piece?


Designer Aviator Aluminium Open Vintage Bookshelf Home Decor (Vintage Copper)

Aviator Aluminium Bookcase

YBQ Sculpture Designer Aviator Aluminium Open Vintage Bookshelf Home Decor (Vintage Copper) (Color : Vintage Jet Brass)

5 Tier Bookshelf

A modern take on a classic design bookcase, add a glamorous aesthetic to your home with this beautiful etagere bookshelf. Built from durable engineered wood with a sturdy metal and finished in satin gold, this modern home office desk is built to last and is sturdy enough to hold all of your items.

Key Features

  • Easy to flaunt and showcase your display-worthy items
  • Elegant 18k golden stoving varnish metal and white shelves make the Etagere Bookcase shimmer
  • Five tiers shelves provide perfect platforms for displaying your favorite collections, framed photos, potted plants
  • A contemporary statement piece in glamorous style with an etagere bookcase, perfect for the any modern living room or home office