Double-Duty Furniture For Small Apartments

Many homeowners will agree that having a small apartment is a blessing. You get lower monthly expenses, easier cleaning, and daily maintenance.

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Still, can small homes replace the feeling of comfort and spaciousness big homes provide? The truth is, nothing replaces having a lot of space at your disposal.

However, choosing the right furniture solutions for small apartments can help you optimize the space and allow you to have the necessary comfort and coziness.

If you’re moving into a new place, investing in double-duty furniture for small apartments is a game-changer. It will create more room and provide enough storage space and options.

Exploring The Bed Solutions For Small Apartments

The bed is an essential part of every home. It needs to be comfortable and cozy, but this usually takes up a lot of space. Since, in small apartments, every inch of space matters, you might want to consider more practical bed options:

  • Murphy bed – Murphy beds will never cease to be a popular solution in small rooms. They magically hide the sleeping area and can match any interior style. They often provide additional cabinets on the sides, making the sleeping space undetectable for visitors.
  • Cabin bed – The high bed frees up the space below where you can create a home office or creative workspace.
  • Using raised wooden platforms to hide the bed – Wooden platforms are an excellent way to separate the space in tiny apartments. You can create a living room area, home office, library, or anything you like under it.
  • Loft over a kitchen – If you have a relatively high ceiling, think about squeezing a bed over the kitchen or some other functional space below. Naturally, to reach the bed, you’ll have to use ladders or stairs. In such cases, you can create more storage space by using the room under the stairs. It’s possible to leave it open as shelves or close it up with customized doors.
  • Alternatively, if your place is very tiny, think of investing in a cozy sofa. It is the least space-consuming sleeping option, even though perhaps less comfortable than a regular bed. Either way, a pull-out living room sofa will provide extra sleeping space in case you have guests over.

Fold-Down Dining Table

The kitchen might be the soul of every home, but the dining area and living room are places where memories are made. In small apartments, these two rarely come separately. Thus, finding ways to make both spaces functional is imperative.

This mainly refers to optimizing the bulky furniture, such as dining tables, into practical living room stations. Luckily, many creative fold-out furniture options perfectly fit into small spaces, such as folding tables.

When “packed” these pieces will barely take up any room. It also helps that these furniture pieces usually come with wheels, allowing them to be pushed to the side of the room.

A quality console table can convert into a ten-person dining table, storing four folding chairs inside.

Still, if you prefer saving even more space, you can opt for a wall-mounted floating table. The underside of the table can have wall art or a chalkboard on it, so it’ll have a decorative function as well when it’s folded up against the wall.

Storage Benches and Ottomans

Every home benefits from extra storage space, no matter how big or small. Luckily, furniture designers have come up with unique, stylish, and practical furniture pieces, such as benches and ottomans that have hidden space for your trinkets and can match any interior design.

Storage benches fit perfectly under the windows, providing you with an excellent reading corner. When having guests over, you can use them as an additional sitting option around the coffee table.

The same goes for ottomans. They don’t take up much space, and still, they come in different styles, colors, and textures that can add the desired vibe to any home.

Double-Duty Room Dividers

Many studio apartments require some creativity when it comes to figuring out the perfect layout. In order to fit the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom into one small space, you’ll have to come up with ways of separating the areas.

The easiest thing to do is use folding panels and create the illusion of “different” rooms. Alternatively, using kallax Ikea shelves as walls is a much better option for such an endeavor, especially if you’re a book lover.

Another option is installing a curtain rod or a rail on the ceiling or an upper wall area to create more privacy between the bedroom and the rest of the place.

Usually, heavy-duty curtains provide amazing vertical decor and texture to the place, opening up the home with color and patterns. Still, make sure your bed is not next to a window, so the curtain doesn’t block the natural source of light.

Ladder-Style Bookcases

Ladder-style bookcases are popular double-duty furniture options for small apartments. They look chic, and they can store your favorite books, plants, decor, etc.

Alternately, they can be used as a towel rack, vertical garden, or anything else. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can even switch things up when you get bored of your current setup!

Double-Duty Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. It’s in the place where you spend most of the time when home so you probably use it a lot.

Thus, thinking of ways to make it stylish and practical is crucial when furnishing the apartment. For example, using a restored classic trunk as a table will provide plenty of storage space for common household knick-knacks.

In addition, if the trunk is big enough, you can put spare pillows, blankets, or throws inside.

Floor Lamp With Attached Table

Having a floor lamp in your living room or bedroom is not only a sign of tasteful design, but it can also be a pretty practical double-duty furniture option for small apartments.

You can never have enough light and side tables, so why not have them combined? Putting a floor lamp with an attached table next to your bed will provide you with a nightstand and an ambient light.

This comes in handy, especially if you like resting with a book before falling asleep.

Windowsill Dining Nook

Many people oversee unused corners and awkward parts of the room, which could be a great way to solve the lack of space issues.

With a simple upgrade of a foldable wooden board, you can have a perfect small dining table with a window view! Such use of windowsills can provide an improvised desk if you live alone or simply don’t want to bother with a big fold-up dining table.

Foldable Workspace Station

The secret of excellent space optimization lies in the use of vertical surfaces. Walls are there not just to hold your art pieces but to help you make more room in your apartment.

This is especially important if you need to work from home. To achieve better focus and productivity at home, you can’t simply work from your bed. Still, with limited square footage, you can’t make an ideal home office either.

Luckily, you can opt for installing a foldable workspace station on your wall. There, you can store your laptop, paperwork, and anything else you need for work. When done, simply close it, and it will look like a stylish wall cabinet.

These stations usually come with a key, so you can even protect your work privacy if you need to. And if the time comes to go back to the office, you can always give the foldable station another purpose.

A minibar or a place where you can enjoy your hobbies are just a couple of options.


Downsizing is never easy. You have all the items from your previous home that can’t fit into your new condo, even with decluttering.

Even though it’s relatively easy to plan a condo relocation and transfer from one small space to another, making your previous apartment layout work in the new place can’t be tricky.

Thus, you will probably have to be creative, especially when deciding on bulky furniture alternatives.

Making the best out of your interior design is only possible if you explore every option for making the place more comfortable, stylish, and practical at the same time.

Apartments are a constant work in progress that requires creativity and occasional investments to adapt to our modern-day demands.

That’s why double-duty furniture for small apartments is an excellent way of maintaining the place clean and spacious while storing many things that can create clutter.