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When you think of fold up furniture you probably think about some terrible chairs in a conference room or auditorium that are most uncomfortable. On the contrary, there are some amazing examples out there and we bring them to you today. These are the best space saving designs we could find that would be useful in many homes. A surprising fact is that there are things for every room of the house. Many of you live in small places like apartments, lofts or dormitories.   Some of these ideas would suit you well to help maximize the use of space. Let’s take a look at that we found and seek inspiration in these wonderful pictures.

fold up furniture dining table chair set

This compact dining set with chairs is so well thought out.  I love the white and natural wood look.  Notice behind the table leg there is a place to store chairs.   This is such a great idea.

This extending bench may be best for a commercial space, but think of the possibilities.  It is about function and having extra places to sit can really accommodate a crowd of people.  I see this in a waiting area at a public space such as a shopping mall where a person can wait while the other person is inside a shop.

This is a great dining table that can be easily packed away.  It has a simple mechanism for packing and unpacking.  Think about this in a small apartment and how useful it can be  Often when people eat alone they may be on a sofa or in a chair watching television.  This suggestion allows them to also have a dinner table to have a more intimate setting for a guest or romantic interest.

space saving Murphy Bed in a room

Murphy beds are perhaps some of the greatest inventions in a home in how they can free up the use of a room for other purposes.  Once they are up in the wall there is so much room for other activities.  This example here is quite nice.  You can see that a lot of planning went into the entire wall space including area for storage and drawers

Now this is just clever is it not?  The person that thought of this really had to plan ahead.  I like to consider this more for the idea than how it turned out actually.   The drawers would have a bear a lot of weight to hold a person, but we have to admit that is is quite innovative.

student desk and bed furniture combination

A child’s room can benefit by the combination desk and bed as in the above picture.  It’s not a large wall when you consider it and yet this family managed to fit all this furniture inside.   Notice that the stairs also double as drawers offering even more room to put things away into.

loft apartment wall furnishings

Here is a great wall bed that doubles as a sofa.  This large open space is the perfect setup for the design.  The floors are concrete which makes me think an open loft and perhaps even in an older building.  This whole room is configured nicely.

Trivial Pursuit table with pie shaped seats

I like to call this the trivial pursuit table.  The seats are just like the pie pieces in the game that are given for correct answers.   Furnishings like this are so useful when you need extra seats for guests and when you don’t need them, they are out of the way.

double twin wall beds in pink lavender

Fitting two sleeping spaces in a wall is quite an accomplishment.  This was taken from a catalog so you likely would not see all the open area to the left and right if it were installed in a room.   The choice of lavenders and pinks is quite interesting.

I do like the yellow color combined with the animal print rug.  The colors are so bold, but in a great contemporary way.   Here is another example of a fold away bed that is tastefully arranged into a tidy package with storage.