Rooftop Gardens

How To Glamorize Your Rooftop

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We would all love to be in the position of owning a rooftop garden. The thought, sights and feelings that a rooftop garden can bring are beyond most people. A dream for many, but only available for a few.

The good ambiance is all that we die for. Isn’t it? Well, dying doesn’t have a literal sense here. Instead, it symbolizes the intensity of how it feels when you spend time in a cozy and relaxing environment.

Mostly, you go to the roof of your house to have some dedicated “me-time” and to inhale the fresh air, right? Of course, yes.

Here are two questions that are popped out, such as:

  • Is your rooftop well-established and decorated enough to light up your mood? Did you just say NO in the answer?
  • Don’t shy! We got the solutions. That’s why we have gathered some interesting ideas to revamp your roof, the open space of the house.

How To Decorate Your Rooftop

Decorating a rooftop doesn’t require a hefty budget or expensive furniture—all you need to follow is the 2020 interior design trends to spruce up your rooftop. Below, find 13 mind-blowing tips for the cause.

Build A Shadow For Sunny Days

It is imperative to construct a shaded area either in the middle or near the entrance door to give a luxurious look to the roof. Some designers advise homemakers to have such shaded areas, especially for summer. For instance, you may find outdoor umbrellas to install at the place.

According to Damien Harrison (principal of NY based landscape design firm, Harrison Green), “Outdoor umbrellas are also a good way to provide privacy.” So, design an outdoor shaded area and respect your privacy.

Don’t Forget To Add Greenery

As we conversed before, the rooftop is the perfect place to inhale the fresh air. Besides, when you add lush green plants and floras, it takes the ambiance to the next level by combining fresh air with the blooms’ scent.

Have fancy grassy turf placed in the middle or decorate your roof corners with big long-tailed plants. The plants’ leaves create a gentle sound when moved with the gust of wind, which brings a smile to your face.


Soft Glowing Lighting For Mesmerizing Feel

Make your night stay on the rooftop fearless yet calming by adding a soft glow. Interestingly, you can find plenty of lighting options to decorate your place with, whose intricate designs can fascinate everyone.

Some of them are fairy light tree table lamps, hanging lights for the ceiling, and string lights to decorate walls. Welcome all these lights to your rooftop and illuminate your place with them. Lights make dull life happening and induce hope in the person.

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Go With Minimal Decoration

Your rooftop is the best place for night walks. It would be best if you have a sufficient area to walk in. The interior home designers suggest not over-crowding the roof with abundant sitting options, plants, or other indispensable furniture items.

The less you add stuff, the more it would look elegant yet stylish. However, you can incorporate some eye-catchy shapes and designs to steal the viewer’s first glance without indulging in substantial decoration.


Add Funky Colors To The Décor

If you are a fun-loving person inside-outside, then you must stick to this point. Add vibrant, colorful prints and hued fabric to represent your juvenile nature. Make sure the sofa cushions, rugs, and even curtains (if installed) have some vivacious plus jazzy patterns and colors involved.

Add some fun and energy to your ordinary life by adding stimulating rainbow designs. Such funky décor allows you to invite friends to casual fun parties at home without spending extra money on the furnishing.


Install Fire Pit In The Middle For Cozy Environment


Add a luxurious touch to your overall décor by installing a fire pit in the middle. Forget the winter evening chills in its presence. You can follow some DIY techniques to make a fire pit in the open space.

You may also invite your friends to the bonfire night by igniting a fire in the center to promote a soothing and lovely atmosphere. Not only this, but fire pits give an elite look to the place when installed as the flame comes out is totally odorless and stain-free.

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Trendy Sitting Option Should Be Added

People who admire nature can spend several hours on the roof. But, of course, nobody can stand for hours. Therefore, add some amazing sitting options to avoid inconvenience. We recommend it to go with L-shaped sofa sets (if you have opted for corner sitting) or choose Takht, string bed, or hanging chair for your rooftop.

Adding swings on the floor is another good option. Personally, we like this idea because it allows us to sit for longer and explore the universe without being annoyed.


Have Enough Storage Space

Where do you keep your edibles or other necessities on the rooftop? On the naked table? Trust us; it’s not a good idea. To secure your foodstuff and other basic amenities, you must have a designated cabinet placed as outdoor storage in one corner of the rooftop.

Keep everything there and enjoy the evenings and midnight sessions. You can have a small refrigerator on the terrace, so your edibles don’t get spoiled and wasted.


Amp Up Your Style With Decorative Knickknacks

Kathryn M. Ireland says, “You mix things up with old and new.” Keeping her quote in mind, we suggest you incorporate antique designs and the latest fashionable decoration pieces to jewel up your rooftop.

Undeniably, the antiquated contemporary pieces and unique large vases or objects make a perfect match without overloading your space.


Allot Cozy Section On The Floor

Do you enjoy stretching your body rather than sitting on the sofa? Have you just nodded your head in YES? Don’t worry; we have a great option for you. Let’s allocate a certain space at your roof for the resting floor bed, cover it with a funky bedsheet, and place cushions in the surroundings for the cozy touch and feel.

This section is usually designed for people with very private thoughts and personal gratification.


A Small Cooking Corner Is A Must-Have

How can you forget the food when you are planning to spend hours on the roof? Well, don’t worry! We have an exciting option. Allot a small area in the corner for fresh cooking, design the outdoor kitchen like a pro, and appreciate restaurant-like environment there.

Enjoy the gulps of drinks you like and devour anything of your choice at the most peaceful place in the house.


Fix Big Projector Screen For Movies

Is your wall missing something? Of course, yes, an entertainment source. Place a large screen with a projector, enjoy movies, dance to the songs, and jazz up your life. Such resources allow you to have hours of relaxation without the interference of others.

You can invite your mates and loved ones on the rooftop movie night, make salted and caramel popcorns, and viola!

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Kids Section Is Not To Be Missed

Rooftop picnics and its pleasure are incomplete without the presence of the family kids. Hence, specifying a space for their fun is as mandatory as your cozy section. Involving a fun factor is not rocket science. All you need to do is add a kid’s slide, a single-seater swing, and a dedicated ballroom for lively laughter.



Hopefully, the ideas explained above are worth trying and helpful in making your rooftop the permanent resting area for you and your family. This is the only place where you never get bored because you have a sky to scrutinize and surroundings that keep you busy with the constant hustle and bustle.