Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru
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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Ideas For Your New Project

What Does Reclaimed Wood Mean

Reclaimed wood is any wood used for building or furniture that’s already served a purpose in a previous life. That means it comes from a wide variety of places, each with its own unique history. Many of the reclaimed timbers are from century-old barns that have fallen into disrepair.

Is Reclaimed Wood Safe to Use

They take reclaimed wood furniture through a process of refinement to ensure the safety of pieces made from recycled wood projects but still take precautions. Use caution when using reclaimed wood inside your home.

Is Reclaimed Wood Real Wood

Flooring made from reclaimed wood comes from reclaimed lumber companies from old buildings where it was once flooring. For example, maple, oak, pecan and beech strip floors are all sources of reclaimed wood flooring.

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Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Designs for Home Interiors

Searching for reclaimed wood table designs is emotionally rewarding knowing that you are doing a service to the environment and to the dwindling amount of forests on planet earth.

It’s very easy to buy something new knowing you are the first owner. Think about the car industry.  Many people may not get past the thought there was another owner at some point.

Furniture is different though in that you can clean and sterilize and it does not have the moving parts of an engine that could get damaged.

Another neat aspect is the do-it-yourself route. We can make some of these ideas in house which can be fun for those that like to tackle projects.   We hope that these ten fantastic ideas show you something that will work in your living space.

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Heavy Lumber Coffee Table

Gothic Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table from Mortise & Tenon


This coffee variety features a simple rectangular shape and showcases the great grain on the lumber.  The construction is not that challenging so this could be taken on and built by a person who loves projects.

Rock Solid Reclaimed Wood Table

This idea features a classic look which will work in most home interiors.  There is a great amount of surface area to store magazines, remotes and even a person’s feet.  I like the sturdiness and think this would work well with small children and pets in the house.

unfinished wood furniture
Reclaimed Wood Table from Woodland Creek Furniture

Rugged Look Wood Table Pieces

It is amazing how rugged this concept is. Notice how great it works next to the light-colored hardwoods. There is a great contrast from the worn look to the clean and polished look of the floors.

My first thought was that these were some fence posts perhaps as the look like four inches by four inches in size.  Another possibility is that they came from an outdoor structure like a barn where they served as support beams.

Koper Reclaimed Wood End Table by Viesso

Reclaimed Wood Varnished With Storage

This model has some storage underneath which I like as you can keep clutter off of the top. A stunning piece of wood that would fit almost any type of modern home.

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 1

Maybe Just A Pallet With Style

This looks like a wooden pallet to me, but has small metal legs giving it a vintage modern feel.  The single board on the side tipped me to consider that as the origin.

This is another DIY project. Installing the legs would be the most difficult part. Building the pallet and adding a varnish coat would not be too hard.


Nicely Designed Wood Chairs

Not quite sure if these would actually be that comfortable. The design looks good but the high sides do not make for comfy seating.

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Reclaimed Wood Lounge Chairs by Piet Hein Eek

The above one really caught my attention.  I felt as though I was looking at a lumber bin where two by fours were stacked up and waiting to be purchased by a shopper.

The uneven ends was very captivating making this have an artistic feel that makes it not look so simple.


Making Use Of Boxes

Of all the reclaimed wood table designs this looks to be built from wood posts assembled together that had a metal base finish design. I could see these being purchased at a garden or antique shop.

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 2

Reclaimed Wood On Castors

This conservative idea sure has some large wheels on it. I bet they put those on to prevent scratching the wonderful flooring.  The overall construction is simple when you consider all the boards and how they are fastened.

A Stunning Barrel Table

Using a barrel is a great idea.  They cut this one in half and a top put on it.  This model is a small barrel making it very flexible for any room. Perhaps, beer or wine was kept inside it at one time.

VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, Easy Assembly, Rustic Brown ULCT61X
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  • A PLACE FOR BOOKS OR CATS?: The metal grid on the lower part of this tea table serves as a shelf that can hold up to 88 lbs. of books, remote controls or maybe even your cats, if they happen to find a comfortable spot
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Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

There is something special about reclaimed wood that becomes a beautiful dining table in that there is a history to the furniture in how it came into being. I witnessed wood that came from an old farmhouse from the early 1910s at a colleague’s house.

I can’t tell you how interesting it was to hear about the history and just how the furnishing became fashioned into the area were now sitting and eating. It’s a wonderful idea to shop for a piece like this and makes for a great story during a conversation with friends.

Techniques today have really advanced allowing for improved preservation and recovery of the original luster and strength of lumber. One concern I hear of is whether the furnishing will last.

It will last and in fact, will often far surpass something just manufactured. Keep in mind that the quality of the trees selected was far superior to today.

It’s with that hope in mind that these ten amazing ideas may inspire you to the possibilities of owning your own piece of history.

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Ten Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Those are very sturdy boards making up the length of the example in the above picture.  You can see that the grain is exquisite and clean with no visible flaws.  It has just enough edginess to it to create some mystique.

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 3

Couldn’t you see this idea in a farmhouse?  It’s long and has country-style legs dating it back many years. Note the modern red chairs though. Again think about how you can combine old with new as a decorating theme.

Beautiful Curved Dining Table

It’s wonderful to see a contemporary base applied in the piece’s design above. The base has great curves and angles creating a clean modern look. Age influences that.

Full Table and Bench in Reclaimed Wood

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 4

What came to my mind was a butcher’s block. The dining table above features rectangles and right angles in a spotless look I think the bench adds a nice element to compliment the entire room.

Here is a lighter stained suggestion as many have been darker that have been featured so far.  Think about how this can be paired with other furniture and colors as you put a home together.

Paloma Square Dining Table

The Paloma Square Dining Table is sophistication personified with its naturally aged look. Made from rare and exotic reclaimed peroba wood, a handcrafted dining table of precision-cut strips of peroba wrapped around solid peroba posts and has a gorgeous tabletop in mahogany veneer.

The Paloma Square Dining Table with its immaculate workmanship conscientious design and straight lines is a great piece to buy and you can order it online from Crate And Barrel for $1,499.00.

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 5


Live Edge Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
  • The handmade Eco-friendly.
  • Built with Acacia Wood and Metal
  • Picture Shown Here is Our Sample Image only (It is Only a Live Edge Dining Table No Chairs and Bench is Included in This Price)
  • No Assembly Required.
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Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Sets

It is really encouraging to see just how much the world market is embracing the reclaimed wood furniture items being produced out of otherwise forgotten materials.

Like so many natural elements they would use it one time. Well the barns, buildings and homes of the past are being systematically deconstructed intending to maintain the full-aged beauty and characteristics of the lumber that will eventually make a second debut as a great-looking piece of new furniture.

Here are some gorgeous platform beds and night stands made from literally any and every type of reclaimed wood and most times many species within one item.

I really love the story here for not only the ecologically conscious whose deforestation issues may be lessened but also for the aesthetic beauty that only the many years of patina and exposure to the elements can offer.

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 6

It is amazing how such a rustic look can transition into modern surroundings and stand on its own which is truly the test of a great design.

One thing the consumer needs to know of is that when shopping for reclaimed wood furniture it is important to understand every item is unique and if you see an item, you like to get the exact one you are seeing as the next one could be drastically different.

Unless you are a person willing to roll the dice on the one you will get it is important to remember difference is always a good thing. We hope you like some re purposed wood beds we found that really caught our sense of good looks, design and functionality.

Look at some outstanding Modern Platform Beds that may fit your renovation or remodeling project.

Basic Bed and Sideboard In Reclaimed Wood

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 7

Reclaimed Wood End Tables

Few things in a home are as cool as the ones that have a story to tell.  Case in point: when a visitor notices an end table and asks where in the world you found it, which sounds more interesting:

That used to be part of the ceiling of an old fire station downtown before they demolished it. With all due respect to the latter, the former sparks a conversation, lends a sense of history, and in some small way breathes new life into something that otherwise cast off into oblivion.

Today’s image curation of reclaimed wood end tables highlights ten furnishings whose materials have new leases on life; now in their third incarnation. The first being a tree and the second being whatever they were initially crafted to be.

As reclaimed materials become more and more accepted and even expected, the chances of these pieces ever going out of style diminish by the day, probably about the same rate at which their value grows.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Table from Furnishly

reclaimed douglas fir table
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Table from Furnishly

Dagny End Table from Dovetail Furniture

reclaimed wood furniture
Dagny End Table from Dovetail Furniture

Koper Reclaimed Wood End Table by Viesso

reclaimed wood end tables
Koper Reclaimed Wood End Table by Viesso

Lake Tahoe End Table from Blake Avenue

recycled wood table
Lake Tahoe End Table from Blake Avenue

Mango Top Industrial End Table from Rotsen Furniture

reclaimed wood accent table
Mango Top Industrial End Table from Rotsen Furniture

Padma’s Plantation Reclaimed Wood Table from Boyle’s

reclaimed wood side table
Padma’s Plantation Reclaimed Wood Table from Boyle’s

Poplar Estate End Table from Stein World

reclaimed wood end tables
Poplar Estate End Table from Stein World

Reclaimed Wood and Farm Steel from The Steel Fork

reclaimed wood and steel table
Reclaimed Wood and Farm Steel from The Steel Fork

Reclaimed Wood Merchandise Cart from Kathy Kuo Home

reclaimed wooden shop cart
Reclaimed Wood Merchandise Cart from Kathy Kuo Home

Reclaimed Wood Table from We Are MFEO

reclaimed wood table
Reclaimed Wood Table from We Are MFEO

Multi-tier table found at Stein World.

Reclaimed Wood For The Outdoors

Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru

When you look at the white laser-cut metal base of the Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru, your mind goes to a roller coaster, Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coaster.
Is rarely we talk about US furniture manufacturers or designs but when we do, we introduce you to a design which you can also find exposed at the Smithsonian Museum.

The Cyclone Lounger comes crafted from reclaimed Ipe wood from the demolished iconic boardwalk in Coney Island and they have made only 10 pieces.

Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf, the designers of the Uhuru’s Coney Island Line of furniture, took in the landfill-destined wood and used it to manufacture functional pieces for the home.

Each piece is to order, signed and numbered by its creator in Brooklyn. And unlike just about any other rollercoaster, this one just might put you to sleep.

The wood was first installed on the boardwalk in the late 1940s, has weathered in the sun, salt, and snow for over 75 years, while the laser cut metal base represents the complex framework of the rollercoaster, covered in a low-VOC powder coating.

Cyclone Lounger from Uhuru

The Cyclone Lounger with a white metal base and wood surface doesn’t come cheap! If you want to own one of the few lounge chairs ever built, be ready to spend around $15.000 even if the original price was $7,200.

The prices for the Coney Island Line of furniture skyrocketed, even if Uhuru’s idea is not a 100% original one, in finding new and interesting uses for old Boardwalk planks. Manhattan company Olde Good Things also has used Boardwalk wood to make furniture items.

iconic american furniture design

Taking their brand name from a Swahili word which means freedom, Uhuru is a company that started with absolute zero cash in 2004 and became one of America’s most innovative design firms, an icon of Brooklyn and a renowned worldwide furniture manufacturer.

collectable furniture pieces


Reclaimed Bar Stools

Bar Stools made from Scrap and Reclaimed Wood

Furniture made from sustainable materials is catching on fast, but as with many products that use recycled materials, they often work out more expensive than the non-sustainable variety, which can be a little frustrating. However there are alternatives and these bar stools made from offcuts of wood is a prime example of how scrap materials can be made into something wonderful and practical too!

The wood had been used in the furniture trade, but these pieces are left over and ordinarily would have been waste.

It was a firm of architects that came up to bundle off cuts of wood together and they sanded these bundles down before filling the gaps with wood putty, followed by a coating of linseed oil before they apply a wax sealant.

The design came from a challenge laid down as part of the State of Design Festival in Australia, where architects were asked to use recycled materials to make design features for a developed bar.


Odd Furniture Made From Reclaimed Recycled Sustainable Materials

If you are decorating a rustic interior or want furniture made from reclaimed, recycled, and sustainable harvested wood check out the collection of Environment Furniture.

Their philosophy is environmental responsibility and stewardship with a strong commitment to people and the planet through a forward thinking, using materials and processes with low environmental impact.

I agree with being good to mother earth and the Environment Furniture collection really puts you in touch with nature and away from the steps that so much of the mass-produced furniture goes through.

See the entire collection of environmentally friendly and rustic furniture from Environment Furniture

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 8

Muir Elevated Dog Bowl Stand Made From Reclaimed Wood

As someone who has five dogs, I can state that grub time is tricky or rather a messy business. There is nothing more frustrating than the little devils tipping and spilling their water and food.

Amenity tackles this problem head on with the Muir Elevated Dog Bowl that is essentially an elegant raised dog bowl stand. Built to endure, the dog bowl stand is also eco-friendly since the company uses reclaimed Douglas Fir that has been seasoned in sunny California.

Finished with low VOC finishers and non-toxic stains, the Muir Elevated Dog Bowl won’t jar with the rest of your interiors and a large size will set you back around $127.

Stunning Pieces of Reclaimed Wood in 2021 9

Reclaimed Wood And Aluminum Swilken Bench

The visually appealing Swilken Bench by the design studio, Acronym Design uses two opposing materials like wood and aluminum and its commendable how he has made them work completely in tandem.

The unique design will bring a hint of individuality to any dynamic space and also seems to highlight the designer’s contemporary outlook. Made of reclaimed wood, the Swilken-Bench is also available with a 100% recycled aluminum base, which brings to forefront Acronym Design’s “go green” policy.

Ideal for waiting areas, home offices and other commercial spaces, the Swilken Bench emphasizes on both structure and functionality.