10 Mid Century Modern Home Interiors We Love

It was fun assembling these ten Mid Century modern home interiors that we loved and wanted to share with our readers. I am a huge fan of that design era and think so many of the products were innovative, and based on that energy, started a whole new wave of decorative trends and thinking. Perhaps, this was the first time bulkier furniture was streamlined removing excess material that did not add to the functionality of the piece. The challenge presented by these designers was wonderful and to see how it has transformed the world of architecture has been an amazing journey. The houses we selected feature an image from a key room of its floor plan. Our focus and intent, is that by seeing what others have done, you too can get inspired about your own living space. Shopping for older pieces can be very rewarding and fun when you purchase a piece of history.

Contemporary Living Room With Rounded Sofa

Decorated Room with Vintage Modern Furnishings

Open Home Plan Featuring Lots of Windows

Notice in this very clean and open floor space, that a Knoll dining set was worked into the decor.  This could have easily been a very contemporary model, but in this case a piece of history helps the old meet the new.

Cozy Living Room Featuring Old and New Furniture

I remember green chairs just like this in my aunt and uncle’s home.  They are long since gone, but had they been saved saved they would be great examples of the design era.

floor plan with lounge and overhanging lamp

Restored Vintage Modern Home with Furniture

This lovely living room is totally filled with Mid Century modern furniture jewels.  One might think that with older pieces a house could look dated or dirty.  On the contrary, this is so refreshing and up to date with current trends.

Mid Century Modern Home Interiors We Love

The Petal Lounge Chair is such a classic and striking piece.  I am always drawn to it when I see it in a living room.  The Noguchi table is very cool too and blends great with the sofa.

Norman Cherner armchair with sideboard and sofa

The famous Norman Cherner chair sits right on top of a nice choice in floor rugs.  The rounded arms are such a classic.

Lovely Furnished Older Contemporary House

Orange and Yellow Vintage Interior Design Colors